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Author: Newsy

Bake with Joy This Holiday Season

 (Family Feautres) Everyone deserves a little bit of joy each day, especially during the holiday season. If you pour your heart into baking treats for family and loved ones this time of year, you’ll likely appreciate this inspiration for baking joy into each bite. Work

SkyHive Announces New Senior Vice President of Finance

 SkyHive, a SAAS company delivering intelligent workforce planning technology to support companies, communities, and countries, announces the appointment of Ed Corneiro as Senior Vice President of Finance. “Ed is an extraordinary leader and innovator, and his financial and executive leadership capabilities and strategic insight will be instrumental

Acre Gold Has Received Raving Review from GoBankingRates

Acre Gold was praised for bringing gold investing to the public. Acre Gold was recently reviewed by GoBankingRates. Acre Gold is a newer company that was started in 2019. The company was built to provide the everyday consumer with the ability to invest in gold. In the