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Important Features to Consider for Best Press Release Distribution

The concept of press releases is gaining massive popularity with the passage of time and there is a very good reason for that. Press Releases are the most effective and affordable marketing tool that can be executed by any kind of business, company, brand, or product regardless of the size of a business.

But most of the people are still not aware about what exactly a press release is? Press release is referred to as a news story or an article that depicts everything your customers and target audience needs to know about your organization. 

The main purpose of any kind of press release is to increase your popularity and improve your reputation as much as you can by getting noticed by the world class different media outlets and journalists as well. 

It is a great way to grow your business as more often you send press releases, people will be able to read more about you which increases your trust gradually among them and ultimately,  they will be more than happy to become your customers. Though press releases do require a lower investment from your side, however, you need to keep in mind to choose the most appropriate and trustworthy press release distribution service as such kind of company always generates awesome and mind-blowing results. 

Even if your press release fulfills all the format requirements and reflects interesting information, getting it distributed by a less effective distribution service provider will cost you an ultimate price by wasting all of your marketing efforts and campaign. So you need to look out for best press release service providers that will provide you the required media attention, and help you reach out your message to your target audience.

Fortunately, Globe News Distribution is out there to assist you and fulfill these needs. Global News Distribution is the professional press release writing and distribution company that enjoys a great reputation in terms of providing reach and online awareness. It is known for distribution at global level, spreading your word towards different journalists, influencers, Radio & Television sites.

Best Press Release Distribution provides a maximum Return on Investment (ROI) that every business owner wishes for and Global News Distribution deeply understands that. So in order to enjoy such benefits, following are some of the necessary points that should never get ignored.

Extent of Exposure towards Media

Press Releases are always done in order to get immense attention from media outlets and successfully spread your word as far as you can at farthest distances. This is only possible if you have chosen a right press release distribution service whose syndication is strong and provides broader reach towards a large number of media outlets.

Global News Distribution is more than capable of accomplishing such goals by spreading your voice towards Market Watch, Yahoo News, Globe Newswire, AP News, Street Insider, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW,, and many others.

Gaining immense exposure among media sites will always depend upon following things:

  1. Domain Authority of News Sites
  2. SEO Optimized Content

Domain Authority (DA) is the most important factor affecting the visibility of your press release. It refers to the degree of credibility or quality of publication result for any media outlet. In other words, Domain Authority can also help you find out how likely a publication result will appear in search engines at higher rankings.

Press Releases distributed through Global News Distribution always get picked by higher DA websites due to which PRs appear in Google search engines within top rankings with several numbers of results.

SEO Optimized Content is another factor that affects online visibility. The content of a press release should be relevant to your readers and target audience. Also, press release content should be simple to make it easy and helpful for Google to better understand the content. This will ultimately lead to higher online visibility.

Global News Distribution has a proper team of professional press release writers that are native english speakers with the experience of many years in the PR industry. Its writers are motivated and expert enough to prepare newsworthy press releases related to any topic, which will ultimately lead to higher visibility. More will be the visibility, more will be the web traffic and higher will be the chances of your visitors converting into your potential and loyal customers.

Besides this, the number of media outlets to whom your press release will be distributed, also matters a lot. Global News Distribution has a wide network of top rated media outlets that will help you to receive more attention from the public.

Newsworthiness of a Press Release

Have you ever wondered what exactly urges media outlets to pick up a press release?  Newsworthiness. Yes, that’s right. No matter if it’s a news site or the general public. No one wants to waste their time upon content that seems crappy to them. 

Human Beings always crave for something that’s interesting and will be able to provide what they want. Same is the case with press releases. Since the arrival of Digital Marketing, press release distribution is gaining a lot of popularity as many people are moving towards it. The competition is on the rise day by day, therefore, businesses and organizations are trying to sprinkle newsworthiness in their news story in order to get an upper hand against their competitor businesses.

Also, you need to keep in mind that something appearing interesting to one can be viewed as dull and useless to others. Like if you have done a press release related to real estate, then it may appear newsworthy to real estate news editors but will be regarded as irrelevant and waste by travel news editors.

Global News Distribution will always encourage you to create an interesting news story defining  a proper angle and should be about something which is latest and currently ongoing as the news becomes less important with the passage of time.

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