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Benefits of Press Release Distribution and Mistakes to avoid in a Press Release

Press Release Distribution is one of the efficient and cost effective marketing tools that can help you spread your voice across your target audience. You can witness immense brand awareness about your company, brand, product, or service, etc which will ultimately help you to secure more customers and more sales for your organization. If you’re a small business that has just appeared on the stage and want to compete with others without any extraordinary struggle, then it is highly recommended to send out some press releases for your company. To get Benefits of press release follow the steps discuss in this article.

A lot of people wonder about what exactly a press release is. The concept of a press release is not difficult to understand, it is simple. Press Release can be defined as a piece of story that contains useful information related to your business. If you’re doing press releases, then you should keep in mind the benefits of press release.

With the help of a press release, you can let others know about new developments or updates in your services. Getting exposure towards media outlets and your target audience is the main purpose of doing a press release. But the purpose of a press release should be to educate people about yourself. More they’ll know about you, the more they’ll put all their trust in you and would love to develop a strong business relationship with you.

The main advantage of doing press releases is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website will begin to increase gradually as you send out press releases and get benefits of press release. 

When a press release gets published on different media outlets, then the number of hyperlinks included in the content also get featured on their sites as well. Through this way, you’ll get many backlinks. And also Google search crawl bots going through those sites that picked up your press release, will also track down your website through those hyperlinks in the PR. This will increase the visibility of your website across different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. And if you successfully manage to get backlinks from higher domain authority, then you are more than lucky as the SEO of your website will sky rocket within a short amount of time. This way your organic visibility will increase across search engines and thus more will be the organic web traffic.

You can create newsworthy press releases on your own if you have high level writing skills and can manually share your PRs with different publications but in case if you have a short amount of time or having difficulty in deciding to which news stations or media outlets should you send out press release, then you can consult a professional and effective press release distribution service such as Global News Distribution.

Global News Distribution is the leading press release distribution company that enjoys a very good reputation in the PR industry as it has a wide network of high authority and top rated media outlets. The best thing about Global News Distribution is that the press releases distributed by this service always get indexed in Google, Yahoo, Bing and Google News search results at higher rankings and also that the reach provided by Global News Distribution is always global.

Besides this, Global News Distribution has a team of highly professional, motivated and skilled press release writers that have years of experience in preparing newsworthy press releases related to any topic.

Though press releases are cost effective and are a great way to create massive brand awareness, you still should have proper understanding about press releases otherwise any kind of carelessness can cost you a lot. Many of the businesses still continue to repeat the same mistakes again and again due to which they lose the race against their competitors. So following are some of the mistakes to avoid in a press release:

  • Bad Press Release Headline

Headline is the most important component of any press release as it gives the benefits of press release and introduction or you can say a short hint about the topic and person to whom a press release is written. Whenever any person is about to go through a press release or search it on the internet, the headline is the first thing that he views. If the headline of a press release is dull, you will not get benefit of press release , boring and non attractive then majority chances are that 99.99% people will ignore reading your press release as they’ll begin to believe that the content will be unattractive as similar to the headline.

So try to bring some newsworthy angles and spend some time figuring out how you can make a catchy and interesting headline that will grab the attention of the reader.

  • Unnecessary Information in your Press Release

Information is the main element that is provided to readers via press releases. More the information is valuable and newsworthy, the more the people will trust you and would like to develop a solid rock business relationship with you.

Providing information is essential but including the content beyond the necessary limit will lead to the loss of interest as no one wants to waste all of their time reading the content and get nothing.

  • Not Using AP Format while writing Press Releases

AP format is the widely adopted pattern for writing press releases that has been set as standard by Associated Press, the world’s largest news organization. In case if you are not following the AP format, then you should implement this format for press release writing as soon as you can. 

The reason is that the journalists who receive a lot of PRs always follow the standard format.

Journalists will never provide coverage or publish any kind of press release that appears to be confusing and difficult to absorb. Following are some rules while writing in AP format:

  1. Always use the third person whether singular or plural
  2. For numbers from 1 to 9, write them down in a press release as alphabets whereas the above numbers should be written as numerals.
  3. There should be one spacing after punctuation or a comma between a sentence.

Global News Distribution is right there to help you out in avoiding such mistakes. All you have to do is to visit the pricing page and begin an awesome journey towards success:

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