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Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution is the process of sending out a press release to various media outlets in order to promote your company or product. Press Release Distribution is a vital tool and more important than ever to help you reach a broad, targeted audience of journalists, social networks, bloggers, influencers, and traditional or digital media outlets.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Press Release Distribution

Whether you’re a seasoned PR professional who is familiar with the ins and outs of a press release, or whether you’re new to the field, you’ve undoubtedly come across numerous of these commonly asked questions when it comes to press release distribution. Our FAQs will assist you in maximizing the effectiveness of your next press release campaign.

General FAQs

A press release is a written document prepared for the media that announces something newsworthy, such as an event, a new product or service, or a change in company policy. Press releases are typically distributed to journalists, social networks, bloggers, influencers, and traditional or digital media outlets.

A press release is a type of writing that is used to announce something newsworthy. Unlike an article, which is typically longer and more detailed, a press release is shorter and to the point. It is also written in a third-person point of view and uses active voice, whereas an article is usually written in the first-person point of view and uses the passive voice.
While a press release can be used to announce anything newsworthy, they are typically used by businesses or organizations to promote a new product or service, or to announce an upcoming event. Whether you're promoting a new business venture or raising awareness for a charitable cause, a well-written press release can be an effective way to get your message out there.

There is no denying that the press releases are extremely effective in terms of promoting a brand or message. In today's fast-paced and highly distractible world, it can be difficult to get people to pay attention to anything for more than a few seconds. This is where the press releases come in. By providing concise, informative, and newsworthy news stories, press releases can help to grab the attention of your target audience and ensure that they remember your brand or message.

The purpose of a press release is to generate media coverage for something newsworthy. A well-written press release can help journalists understand and write about your story, and can also help you secure speaking opportunities, interviews, and other forms of exposure.

There are 3 primary types of press releases: product announcements, event announcements, and company announcements.
1. Product announcements are used to announce new products or services.
2. Event announcements are used to promote upcoming events.
3. Company announcements are used to provide updates on company news or developments.
Each type of press release has its own specific format and purpose.
Though there are a lot more different types of press releases than there used to be. Some common types of press releases include: media advisories, media alerts, embargoed releases, and expert tips.

Yes! Journalists, editors, bloggers and even your customers and clients may all read press releases. If it is well written and newsworthy, a press release can generate interest in your story and help promote your business or organization. Writing press releases is a fine art, but don’t let that discourage you. If you don’t have anyone on staff, speak with a firm and hire a professional.

Press Release Distribution FAQs

Press Release Distribution is the process of sending out a press release to various media outlets in order to promote your company or product. Press Release Distribution is a vital tool and more important than ever to help you reach a broad, targeted audience of journalists, social networks, bloggers, influencers, and traditional or digital media outlets.

It’s difficult to pick the best press release distribution service because there are so many to select from. However, If you’re looking for a press release distribution service that combines high quality, low cost and can get your news noticed by the right people, then you should definitely consider Global News Distribution. We offer the industry’s lowest price plans starting at just $49. Our plans also include guaranteed publication on major media outlets such as AP News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Lifestyle, and numerous others.

To send a press release to local media, you'll want to target journalists who cover stories in your niche or industry. You can find contact information for journalists through online directories.
Once you have a list of journalists to contact, craft an email pitch that includes an interesting subject line, a lead for your story, the body of your pitch, and your press release. Make sure to include your contact information so the journalist can follow up with you.
Timing is everything when it comes to sending press releases, so make sure to send yours at a time when it will be most likely to be seen by the journalist you're targeting.
If you don't have the time and resources to execute an effective PR campaign on your own, you can submit your press release through an online service. Global News Distribution is a trusted press release distribution company with years of experience getting media coverage for businesses like yours.

When you use a professional press release distribution service like Global News Distribution, your press release reaches world-class media outlets such as AP News, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Money, Street Insider, MarketWatch, FOX, NBC, CBS, and numerous others.
For a complete list of media outlets, see our samples.

The cost of distributing a press release can vary depending on your requirement and the service you choose. A press release service can cost anywhere from $500 to $2500 per PR.
At Global News Distribution, we offer PR pricing for every budget, starting at just $49. Our team of experienced professionals will help you get your story in front of the right people, and increase awareness of your brand or product. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you save money on your next press release.

Press Release Writing FAQs

There are a few golden rules to writing press releases that will help ensure your news gets the coverage it deserves. Keep it brief, use attention-grabbing headlines, convey the key facts in your first paragraph, expand the story using the 5 w’s, include some good quotes, and add the company’s boilerplate and media contacts. You can also utilize our press release templates to create a press release that will rule or you can purchase our PRWriting plan. Our press release writing service can boost your media’s visibility, traffic and exposure. The press releases we write for you are designed professionally by skilled native English writers.

A press release should look professional, yet approachable. The formatting should be easy to read and understand, without being too "jargony" or technical. The release should also include all pertinent information about the product or event being promoted, without being too long-winded. Finally, the press release should have a clear, concise headline that accurately reflects the content of the release.
To see different press release examples, please click here.

Yes, press releases need images as they can help visualize the content for readers who may skim the text. Adding images or videos to the release can also increase the level of engagement. A recent study showed that articles with an image every 75-100 words got double the number of social shares as articles with fewer or no images. However, it’s still important to make sure that any images used are high-quality and relevant to the content of your release.
Many press release distribution services can charge you up to $400 for additional images & videos in a press release. However, Global News Distribution has no such restrictions.

There are a few key pieces of information that should be included in a press release: the name and contact information (email and phone number) of the person and company issuing the release, the date and city the release is issued from, the website URL and social media handles.
In addition, media contacts (e.g., journalists, editors, producers) should be listed at the end of the release with their respective names, titles, media outlets and contact information.

1. A catchy headline
2. A sub-headline that elaborates on the headline
3. The dateline, which tells when and where the press release was issued
4. The body, or main text; content of the press release
5. One or more quotes from a representative of the organization issuing the press release
6. The boilerplate, or standard information about the issuing organization
7. The media contact information, including the name, phone number, and email address of the person issuing the press release

A press release should be between 300 and 800 words. Anything less than 300 words is unlikely to be picked up by Google News, and anything over 800 risks being too long for busy journalists. Make sure your press release is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes before submitting it.
There are many press release distribution services that will not allow you to go over their 400-word limit until you pay hundreds of dollars for each additional 100 word. Unlike them, Global News Distribution do not charge extra for exceeding a word limit.

You can include as many links as you want, however, we recommend only using five links in a press release. Too many links can overwhelm readers and distract from the main message of your press release. If you do include multiple links, be sure to space them out and include a brief description of each link so that readers can easily understand what they're clicking on.

Benefits of a Press Release

Press releases are a very effective way to promote your business. They provide an opportunity for you to get your name and information out there in front of a large audience, and they can be very helpful in getting people to learn more about your company and what you have to offer. If you are looking for a way to promote your business, press releases are a great option.

There are a number of SEO benefits that come along with press release distribution. For one, it helps to get your company's information out there in front of a large audience. Additionally, press releases can help to improve your website's search engine ranking, which can lead to more traffic and potential customers. They would also get you a dozens of new backlinks and make your website crawl to the top positions. If you are looking for ways to improve your business's SEO, press release distribution is a great option.

Press releases can help you establish relationships with the media. By providing timely and accurate information about your company or organization, you can help the media understand what you do and why it is important. You can make it easy for the them to get in touch with you when they need more information. By sending out press releases on a regular basis, you will be able to keep your name in the public eye and attract new clients.

There are many benefits to using press releases to promote your business. First, they offer a great way to get your name and information out there. When you release a press release, it is sent to media outlets all over the world, which gives you a large audience for your message. Additionally, press releases help build credibility for your company. When you release a press release, it shows that you are a serious and professional company, and that you are willing to put your information out there for the public to see. Additionally, press releases can be very helpful in getting people to learn more about your company. If someone is interested in learning more about your company, they can go to your website and read your press release, which will help them get a better understanding of who you are and what you do.

Press releases can have a major impact on the media news. When you release a press release, it is sent to media outlets all over the world, which gives you a large audience for your message. To be more specific, press releases will help build credibility for your company and this helps to shape the media's perception of your business.

Press releases are an essential tool for companies looking to engage their customers on a deeper level. Through the use of press releases, companies can keep their customers informed about new products, services, and events taking place within the company. Additionally, press releases can be used to generate interest in a company's website or social media pages, which can help to increase traffic and lead to more customers. Finally, press releases can be distributed through online channels such as news websites and social media platforms, which can reach a larger audience and potential customer base.

Dos and Don’ts of Press Releases

When distributing a press release, it's important to keep a few things in mind in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.
1. Prefer a reliable press release distribution service instead of creating a PR campaign on your own
2. Keep SEO in mind.
3. Use hyperlinks.
1. Never craft a headline that you can’t deliver on
2. Avoid working hastily.
3. Avoid naked advertisements.
4. Don’t exaggerate or use marketing hype
5. Don’t make silly mistakes

1. Sending out a press release without having a clear purpose or goal in mind. Every press release should have a specific purpose, whether it’s to generate media coverage, drive traffic to your website, or promote a product or service.
2. Failing to target your press release to the right audience. Make sure you’re sending your press release to media outlets that cover your industry or target market.
3. Sending out a poorly written or boring press release. Your press release should be well-written and newsworthy, with a catchy headline and interesting content.
4. Not including contact information in your press release. Be sure to include your name, phone number, and email address so journalists can easily get in touch with you.
5. Not following up with journalists after sending out your press release. Follow up with journalists who show interest in your story, and be sure to thank them if they do end up covering it.
6. Abandoning your press release campaign. In order to get media attention and keep your business in the spotlight, you need to be sending out press releases consistently.

There is no need to be discouraged if your press release is not successful. It is important to remember that not every press release will be successful. There are a number of factors that can contribute to this, such as poor timing, incorrect target audience, or a lack of newsworthy content.
If your press release does not generate the results you were hoping for, try to identify the reason why. This will help you to avoid making the same mistakes in future. You can also use this opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve your press release writing skills.
You can also contact Global News Distribution and let them know your goals, we would be happy to provide the resources to help you get the most out of your PR campaigns.

1. Don't make your press release too long - get to the point quickly and use short, concise sentences.
2. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that could confuse your readers.
3. Don't over-hype your story - let the facts speak for themselves.
4. Make sure all of your contact information is correct and up-to-date.
5. Proofread your press release before sending it out to avoid any embarrassing typos or mistakes.

You can measure the success of your press release through your distribution report. You can track how many media outlets pick up your story and publish it. You can also track analytics such as numbers of views, clicks and shares. The amount of website traffic and social media interactions it generated can also be tracked.
See sample reports here.

Key Facts About Press Release Distribution

When you want to get the word out about your business, product, or service, a press release is often the best way to do it. But simply writing a press release and sending it out is not enough – you also need to make sure it’s distributed properly so that the right people see it. Here are some key facts about press release distribution:

Distribution to 170+ Countries

Press Release Distribution provides you reach to 170+ countries in more than 40 languages and offer local and regional media expertise to help you best engage with each region’s audiences.

Analyze Views & Impressions

Analyzing your press release distribution report helps you understand which media channels are most effective for reaching your target audience. It also allows you to track your progress over time and make necessary adjustments to your distribution strategy.

What Is the Difference b/w Paid vs. Free Press Release Distribution?

Paid press release distribution typically gets your release more exposure. It will be sent to more media outlets, and will often be given priority placement on news wires. This means that your release is more likely to be seen by journalists, bloggers, other influencers and numerous others.

Free press release distribution, on the other hand, is more of a “spray and pray” approach. Your release will be sent to a large number of media outlets, but it’s unlikely to receive much individual attention.

What Is the Best Day to Distribute a Press Release?

The answer to this question depends on your target audience and what you’re trying to achieve with your press release. However, the majority of experts believe that Thursday is the best day to release a news, with Tuesday and Wednesday coming in second.