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Tag: agriculture

Irrigation Water Conditioning Opportunities

Learn how technology developed by Dime Water Inc. can help improve the way water is utilized in agricultural irrigation and other commercial applications. According to the U.S. Department of the Interior USGS division, 70% of all fresh water worldwide is consumed in growing crops. Some countries such as Israel, Saudi

Mounts Botanical Garden to Host 15 Informative Programs & Events in June

Friends of the Mounts Botanical Garden will be hosting 15 outstanding open-air events in June for people of all ages, including a comprehensive Windows Into Wellness Series (Walks, Yoga, Pilates, and Qi Gong), two Special Days in the Garden, and a new 4-day Light, Inspiration & Transformation Mini-Camp for Teens (June 22-25). “With so much

National Growth Expands Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine

Bioenterprise marks progress in connecting Canada’s agriculture and agri-food innovation system New partnerships, collaborations and services across Canada are continuing the drive to unite the country’s fragmented agriculture and agri-food innovation system. As Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine,Bioenterprisenow boasts a growing national network of connected regional and provincial partners, an expanding

The Hippie in High Heels – From Big Pharma to Farm

Franny Tacy didn’t set out to become a disruptor in the farming industry – it just turned out that way. Franny is the FIRST WOMAN HEMP FARMER in North Carolina in 75 years. Risky? You bet. But that didn’t stop the Nashville native from ditching her high-paying pharmaceutical career to