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Tag: blockchain

Creo Engine: The Future of Web3 Gaming is Here

In the world of gaming, there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon. But one project that’s sure to make waves is Creo Engine, a revolutionary new project from Indonesia that’s set to change the game when it comes to web3 gaming. Jakarta, Indonesia, Jan. 24, 2023 – At

Taliware’s Biombeat – At the Heart of Security in a Zero-Trust World

With Biombeat the unique energy signature of a person’s heart becomes their secure biometric identity. Biombeat combines real-time authentication with time-stamped proof of location. Biombeat’s API V2.0 now integrates NFT Fabric – all data is available as tokens on the Cardano Blockchain Network. Identity is the universal credential to gain

HashCash Ranked The Top Blockchain Development Company in 2021

HashCash Consultants claimed the top spot in a 2021 rankings list for the top blockchain development company through consistent delivery of excellence. Global blockchain organization HashCash Consultants continues to maintain a predominance in its field of expertise. The enterprise occupied the number one position as a blockchain development company in

Reason Launches World’s First NFT Escape Room

Reason, a San Francisco startup, launches the world’s first NFT escape room experience this week, Glitch. The game merges gaming technology with the power of non-fungible tokens and creates a seamless way for players to interact with digital blockchain items in the real world. Known for leading the digital transformation

Pitbull Token Outlines new Road Map: Beyond the BlockChain

Pitbull Token to introduce new RoadMap by year end into 1Q2022 with major new developments in its ecosystem. The Roadmap will cover new utilities, integration into the Metaverse, gaming industry components, Tier-1 Exchange Listings, and payment collaborations with top NFT & Metaverse company, SNKR WARS. Pitbull will also launch a