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Tag: consumer products

Electric Car Problems Worry Buyers

Electric cars are definitely status symbols, and they can be good for the environment, but electric car problems worry buyers. Because EVs are so new, manufacturers are still refining design, development, and assembly practices and there are kinks in the system. Consumer Reports recently issued a study saying that electric SUVs are the least-reliable

BioFit Engineered Products Introduces Seating Pneumatic Wiper Seal

BioFit Engineered Products, a global leader in the design and manufacture of ergonomic furnishings, announced today that all seating model configurations include seat-height-adjustment pneumatic cylinder assemblies equipped with wiper seals. This improvement is intended to further enhance the integrity and performance of the company’s seating products. BioFit Engineered Products, a

TCB Presents The Healthy New Black Garlic Puree 100% And Pg Amino.

Japan’s TCB has launched new health products, with the Black Garlic Puree (Amino no Shizuku) as the ultimate flavor enhancer.  ‘Amino no Shizuku’ is deliciously sweet with syrupy umami flavor with highly concentrated amino acid extract condensed and extracted from Japanese garlic. The puree is100% natural super food with high

Obachan Launches Honey Candy With Great Health Benefits

Japanese company, Obachan, has launched a new product dubbed propolis honey cough drop candy in its recent move with a focus to increase profitability.  In recent days, the company has been on a campaign trail to increase the visibility of its products in line with the country’s goal of increasing