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Key Points on Iran’s 2021 Rigged Presidential Election

Key Points on Iran’s 2021 Rigged Presidential Election: • Don’t search for “hardliners vs. moderates.” The regime’s ship is sinking. • Battered by a series of uprisings since 2017, institutionalized corruption, and a bankrupt economy, Khamenei finds his regime increasingly weak and vulnerable. • People see the theocracy as the first

Teradyne Announces Election of Paul Tufano as Chair of the Board

 Teradyne, Inc. (NASDAQ: TER) announced today the Board of Directors has elected Paul Tufano Chair of the Board. Mr. Tufano is the former Chief Executive Officer of Benchmark Electronics and has served on the Teradyne Board since 2005. He replaces former Chair Roy Vallee who has retired from the Board. “Paul