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Bake with Joy This Holiday Season

 (Family Feautres) Everyone deserves a little bit of joy each day, especially during the holiday season. If you pour your heart into baking treats for family and loved ones this time of year, you’ll likely appreciate this inspiration for baking joy into each bite. Work in advance. While a day in


A Northwest Michigan family business has weathered a lot and is now smelling success! The 2008 recession hit Michigan like a Tsunami. Thousands were jobless. Bankruptcies and unemployment soared. There was an exodus of people needing work. In Traverse City, Michigan, Pearl and Pete Brown along with children Niesje, Johanna,

Back to School Nutrition – Tips from a Dietitian

The Houstonian Club’s registered dietitian shares ideas on fueling your child with nutritious food while making it easy, worry-free, and healthy. A fun and safe school day starts with adequate nutrition, and it is that time of year when parents are combing the internet for the easiest way to make

Kid-Friendly Brain Food for Busy School Days

Starting a new school year, whether in the classroom or online, brings excitement for kids of all ages. Opportunities to see friends, make new acquaintances and explore new areas of interest abound. Along with the exciting times can also come early mornings with hectic moments getting ready, including making sure

Sustainable Eating for a Better Earth

(Family Features) Although good nutrition is essential for human life, food production has a significant impact on the environment. Taking a more sustainable approach to sustaining your body can help protect the Earth and its climate. Food production accounts for more than one-fourth of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to