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Tag: humanity

NukeWatch Buys Families Valuable Time in the Face of a Nuclear Attack

While government nuclear operations focus on mobilizing government response, NukeWatch’s mission is to help families quickly get to safety In today’s volatile world, especially in the face of Russia’s recent attacks on Ukraine, the threat of a nuclear attack is prevalent. Similar to other everyday disasters, families should have a

Abolish Inhumane Prisons

Bruno and Washington Champion the People’s Voice During Protest March The Oklahoma Coalition Against People Abuse (OCAPA) and the Oklahoma Libertarian Party (OKLP) partnered up last Saturday to protest inhumane conditions and overcrowding at the Oklahoma County Detention Center. The crowd gathered at 1:00 pm and marched the streets surrounding

Disney Actor Devan Leos Pledges Lifelong Service to Charity

Disney Actor Devan Leos recently announced via Twitter that he is pledging lifelong service to charity as well as 15% of company profits. Former Disney actor Devan Leos recently took to Twitter, stating he plans on being involved with the charity as a part of a life-long commitment. His tweet