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How Businesses Can Collect Unpaid Debt

Houston business lawyer Andrew Weisblatt discusses how businesses can recover outstanding payments from debtors without experiencing difficulties. In business, encountering clients that refuse to pay for goods delivered or services rendered happens from time to time. Without knowledge about their proper legal rights to utilize and recover debts, most business

Singlewire Software Launches InformaCast Incident Management

New tool offers the ability to actively manage emergencies as they unfold with notifications, resources, and reporting features Singlewire Software, a leading mass notification technology developer, is launching InformaCast Incident Management, a new tool to help users of its InformaCast mass notification platform actively manage emergency events as they occur.

Vanguard Home Inspection LLC Helps Fight Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in the U.S. is a growing problem, with experts predicting it will worsen as the senior citizen population continues to rise, says Vanguard Home Inspection LLC. One form of abuse is when contractors hired by the elderly fail to make promised repairs or make shoddy repairs in-order to