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A Strong Culture of Learning Drives Organizational Success

New Association for Talent Development research finds that high-performing organizations are more likely to have formal heads of talent development and a culture of learning. Organizations with learning cultures are more likely to realize positive business results, according to Developing a Culture of Learning: Strategies for Organizational Achievement, a new research

Success Does Not Always Lead to Pride and Greed, As Many Assume

Liberty Hill Publishing presents an inspiring true story. Author Jon Helminiak shares the inspiring story of a man who quietly yet powerfully impacted the lives of millions in Inverted Climb: The Remarkable Life of Terry J. Kohler($29.99, hardcover, 9781662811418; $8.99, e-book, 9781662811425). Inverted Climb required six years of research and more


Former police detective, hostage negotiator and international peacekeeper J. Paul Nadeau spent more than 30 years working with victims of crime and perpetrators and learning from top experts in abuse situations, murder investigations, hostage-takings, terrorist attacks and human behavior in general. Over the course of his career, Paul talked hostage-takers

Take Charge Of Your Life With Elijah Mang’s New Book

Elijah Mang believes success is creating a life that you can truly love and enjoy, on your terms. The number of times we’re faced with a difficult situation can be overwhelming. In Boundless Success with Elijah Mang, available on Amazon, the author talks about programming our minds to take on challenges and achieve