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Cytex Launches CloakedPrivacy, First-Ever Cybersecurity and Encrypted VPN Mobile App For Smartphones

Groundbreaking free VPN solution utilizes latest encryption and security technology to safeguard digital identity, personal data, and e-commerce transactions on iOS and Android devices.

Cytex Launches CloakedPrivacy, First-Ever Cybersecurity and Encrypted VPN Mobile App For Smartphones

Cytex, Inc., a SaaS-based, full-spectrum industry leader in enterprise cybersecurity solutions, announces CloakedPrivacy, a first-of-its-kind app that provides state-of-the-art encrypted VPN for mobile devices, protecting users from potential breaches and cyberthreats while giving them unparalleled control over their personal data across third-party applications.

CloakedPrivacy provides active cybersecurity that defends against malicious threats by employing powerful end-to-end encrypted WireGuard VPN technology and state-of-the-art active cybersecurity protection. Enhanced services levels also include identity theft expense reimbursement coverage (up to $25,000 limit) and fully managed identity theft resolution.

Cyberattacks against mobile devices are far more common than widely known: more than 2 million incidents per month and on the rise again. The cost of cyberattacks is also rising: U.S. consumers lost $10.3 billion in internet fraud in 2022, the highest losses in five years. Phishing attacks were the most reported crime, with 300,497 victims and more than $52 million in losses.

Cytex developed CloakedPrivacy after hearing feedback from users about the importance of their smartphones in managing their digital lives. “We were in a client meeting, and one of our partners remarked that, if they were being held up, they’d rather hand over their wallet than their mobile device,” said Cytex CEO Andrew Surwilo. “This got us thinking about ways to bring the cybersecurity protocols we’ve developed for businesses to consumers and their mobile phones.”

CloakedPrivacy picks up where legacy VPNs leave off. CloakedPrivacy leverages enterprise-grade cybersecurity infrastructure traditionally to bring the same protections to the consumer. CloakedPrivacy is built on the latest encryption and security standards to reduce network latency, respect users’ privacy, and protect against malicious actors.

“Cytex is continuing to bring innovation to cybersecurity – this time to the individual’s most valuable personal item: their mobile device,” said Cytex CTO Taimur Aslam. “We have taken our expertise as a leader in the enterprise cybersecurity space and applied it to create the best free VPN for Android and iOS devices.”

The key functions of CloakedPrivacy include:

Shields against malicious attacks. CloakedPrivacy blocks malicious texts and links that cybercriminals use to access your identity, logins, and passwords.

Stops malicious sites and phishing. CloakedPrivacy has a proactive site-blocking feature that blocks malicious websites and phishing links in emails, texts, or other messages.

Safeguards e-commerce. CloakedPrivacy offers dynamic protection for online transactions, reducing the risk of scams and breaches.

Protects user privacy. CloakedPrivacy champions users’ online privacy by retaining no usage logs of web browsing, shopping, or other activities.

Teaches cybersecurity measures. CloakedPrivacy equips users with a user-friendly suite of resources, comprehensive educational tools, and real-time news feeds related to cyber threats. Users can also search a comprehensive database to find out if their personal information was disclosed in a data breach.

Enhanced services also included Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Coverage (up to $25,000 limit) and Fully Managed Identity Theft Resolution.

“Our mission is to allow users to experience the internet as it was envisioned, a space of infinite possibilities, unmarred by threats, fully private, and cloaked,” Aslam said. “CloakedPrivacy is a cutting-edge digital privacy solution with user-centric features and robust cybersecurity measures that provides the best VPN for mobile devices. Cytex is committed to ensuring smart device users experience a secure, encrypted, and private digital journey, and CloakedPrivacy is the vanguard in the realm of digital protection.”

CloakedPrivacy is now available on iOS and Android devices, so individuals can take control of their data and experience the internet as meant to be: secure, private, and “cloaked.”

CloakedPrivacy has 3-levels of service:

  1. Free with limited connection time.
  2. Enhanced connection time $2.99/month includes:
    1. Identity theft expense reimbursement coverage (up to $10,000 limit)
    2. Fully managed identity theft resolution
    3. Server location selection
    4. Security breach lookups
    5. Cyber education
  3. Unlimited connection time $4.99/month:
    1. Identity theft expense reimbursement coverage (up to $25,000 limit)
    2. Fully managed identity theft resolution
    3. Server location selection
    4. Security breach lookups
    5. Cyber education
    6. Privacy controls

To learn more about CloakedPrivacy, please visit or download on the App Store and Google Play.

About Cytex

Cytex is a SaaS-based, full-spectrum cybersecurity platform powered by AI and provides a comprehensive solution for data protection and compliance needs. Cytex streamlines IT security and reduces costs through its full suite of security tools, which include a DNS firewall with traffic & threat blocking, data supply chain security, EDR, CSPM, DLP, and ZTNA. Cytex also provides data supply chain security assessment, regulatory compliance tools, cloud app security, and comprehensive cybersecurity training. Cytex was developed by veteran technologists and entrepreneurs and endorsed by the MIT Cyber Defense Clinic.

Full Name: Madeleine Moench
Company: Broadstone Tech / Cytex Inc.
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