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Frontier Foundry Launches LIMNI: Next-Gen Secure Laptop AI System

Frontier Foundry Launches LIMNI: Next-Gen Secure Laptop AI System

WASHINGTON, DC / February 13, 2024 / Frontier Foundry Corp. today unveiled a secure large language model (LLM) artificial intelligence (AI) system designed to run locally on a laptop. Dubbed LIMNI, this generative AI system brings robust language model capabilities in a secure package optimized for personal computing environments, not requiring internet connectivity for model building or daily operations. Unlike most cloud based generative AI systems, LIMNI is designed to work in the most secure environments and be trained on private data while operating inside of the regulatory and compliance environments needed by most corporations and governments.

LIMNI runs locally on an individual’s laptop or inside of secured infrastructures without needing internet connectivity. This isolates the data, models, and protects user privacy by ensuring personal data never leaves one’s possession. Strict access control and encryption further safeguard sensitive information provided to the system.

Despite these security measures, LIMNI retains versatile functionality on par with leading language models. Users can harness its advanced natural language understanding for a wide range of tasks – writing assistance, coding, analytics, question answering, document review, and more.

“With LIMNI we are delivering a secured, enterprise level generative AI capability that exists within the cybersecurity, compliance & regulatory needs of 2024” said Sultan Meghji, CEO. “Now an organization can enable individuals to not only explore the utility of these kinds of technologies but also apply them to their daily lives, driving to direct value.”

The system meets stringent organizational requirements around IP protection and infosec.

LIMNI is available now in private Beta, with general availability coming later in 2024. Frontier Foundry expects strong demand from the many professionals who desire custom and secure AI and LLM capabilities without sharing their private data with a cloud server.

Frontier Foundry is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company creating ensemble AI platforms to orchestrate multiple different AI algorithms. Our powerful capabilities allow us to detect patterns and identify risk from large and diverse datasets. Comprised of internationally recognized domain experts, Frontier Foundry focuses on innovative solutions to the world’s most difficult problems. Their mission is to bring scalable AI to industry trailblazers, augment their decision-making and reduce enterprise risk through unique, data-driven insights. Their expertise lies in the orchestration of multiple AI models to create a unique blend of innovation and measurable execution across a variety of sectors.

Full Name: Nick Reese
Company: Frontier Foundry Corp.
Phone Number: +1.202.734.6970

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