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How to Contribute for the Success of a Press Release

The concept of press release is still relevant today as press release is used by many companies, brands, products, or services, from small to large scale. Though, there are many individuals and websites out there that would say:

  • “Press Releases are Dead”
  • “Press Releases are no longer effective”
  • “Sending out PRs is completely a waste of time”

Well, such kind of claims do keep existing continuously but that doesn’t mean they’re true; such narratives are baseless as press releases are still alive and sending out news stories always prove to be useful. 

Press Releases have a long history. The first ever press release was sent out in 1906 when a train owned by Pennsylvania railroad got wrecked in New Jersey and killed above 50 people on the spot. Therefore, the first ever press release was issued by the rail company’s publicity expert, Ivy Lee. That press release got popular everywhere and even got published by the New York Times. With the passage of time, awareness about press releases increased among the masses.

The reason press releases are employed by different businesses is that it is effective and affordable as compared to other marketing tools. Though press releases provide you such advantages, you need to make sure to do some proper efforts accordingly so that they will ultimately contribute to the success of your press release. And when a press release is successful, it will reward your business with immense growth. A PR is successful when it has completely accomplished specific business goals. Following are some factors or principles to consider if you want your press release to be successful and gain an upper hand against your competitors:

  • So before beginning to do a press release for your business, you should spend some part of time on studying the demographics. Demographics refers to studying the traits of different people and organizations within a specified area/region. Majority of businesses use this methodology as it helps them to understand and analyze the behavior of their target audience and what kind of products they need and can afford.
  • Also, it is highly important to do proper research on your niche before preparing a press release as this will land your news story into a context. Besides this, you should include necessary and strong supporting facts relevant to your brand or product if you want to bring more credibility to your press release.
  • Alongside research, timing is the most important factor that decides if your press release will draw attention or not. Also it can determine the relevancy of your company. Like if you send out a press release about your product that has not passed the development stage yet, then there are high chances that it will not catch the journalist’s attention. The reason is that journalists are always looking for reporting something that is up to date.
  • Crafting an interesting headline is most important whenever writing a press release as it is the first thing that imparts a specific impression upon the reader. So if the headline of your press release is way more interesting, then the journalist will probably go through the whole content and try to find newsworthy portions for providing coverage. 
  • Similarly, the PR content should be informative but make sure that your press release shouldn’t sound as sales pitch otherwise it will get ignored. The reason is that journalists are looking for interesting content to report on; they don’t have any concern about your identity, your company’s sales and growth. Therefore, you should avoid making your press release as sales oriented.
  • The content of your press release should be precise and accurate. Also, it should be in simple english to make it easily readable as no one will ever read a content that is difficult to understand. The advantage of doing a press release in simple words is that it will be more likely to get indexed by Google in top rankings as Google always prefers to bring that content in top rankings which it considers more helpful and engaging to the reader.
  • You need to make sure that the press release you want to distribute is according to AP format and guidelines. AP Style is a standard format and widely adopted by news outlets and journalists to ensure that the content they have reported and published is highly  uniform and easily readable. Reporters don’t have enough time to redevelop any content based upon other formats into AP Style. So if you are following the AP Guidelines, then the good news is that reporters will be more likely to pay attention to your content.

The Press Release distribution service you choose for sending out your news story also matters a lot. There are several press release distribution and writing agencies out there. Each of them distribute press releases to media outlets in a different manner and obviously the results provided by them will be different. 

But if you want your message to be heard far away, Global News Distribution is right there to help you out. With its global reach, Global News Distribution will help you in brand recognition, improved reputation, and increased popularity. Your news story will get coverage on world class news outlets such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, AP News, Business Insider, Street Insider, Market Watch, Globe Newswire, USA Today, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW and many others.

Global News Distribution is a business friendly press release writing and distribution company that offers its services at low pricing as compared to other services. If you find any trouble writing a press release or do not have any idea at all about how to proceed, then you can hire their professional PR writers who are skilled and experienced enough to craft a press release related to any topic. The best thing about Global News Distribution is that press releases written and distributed by them always get indexed in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google News, and, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Visit and send out your first press release.

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