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How to Write an Effective Press Release for Your Business

Press Release is one of the important marketing methods that a lot of businesses and brands use in order to promote their products and services. Though there are other methodologies out there but effective press release have much to offer you. In the past when traditional marketing was dominant, carrying out promotional activities was not that effective (as it is today now) and required spending a lot of money on Direct Mail, TV Ads, Newspaper Ads, and Billboards, etc. Besides this, businesses could only reach a limited number of people and it was difficult to contact relevant journalists as the it used to be a long and complex process

But now is the digital age that allows you to reach out your target audience in any part of the whole world. The arrival of digital marketing and social media have changed the way of communication much easier between people and businesses. All kinds of businesses are using social media platforms to fullfil Public Relations and Marketing needs. With the help of Social Media and Public Relations, organizations have acquired a strong foundation through which they can easily increase their brand awareness. Effective Press Release is the most reasonable tool that helps achieving this objective. Awareness regarding press releases among businesses is increasing with the each passing day. Though people have begun to understand the importance of online marketing but to make the effective use of press releases, you need to make appropriate strategies and implement them in a right manner at the right time.

Whenever you have an announcement regarding any news, new product, service, updates or anything else you consider worthwhile, then you can send out press releases with the help of an efficient press release distribution service such as Global News Distribution. Global News Distribution has a wide network of reputable news outlets such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, AP News, Market Watch, Globe Newswire, Street Insider, Business Insider, USA Today, Bloomberg, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, and many others.

With the help of effective press release, not only you get immense popularity but you can also manage your brand reputation. Most of the big companies have been using press releases to make sure that they are in good books of their target audience. You can also keep the readers engaged with the provided information if visual media (images/videos) is also a part of your PR content. This way, your press release will appear as interesting among readers and journalists will be more than interested to provide coverage to your press release. Doing multiple press releases will result in an increased visibility across search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Google News Inclusion, etc. This way the web traffic will exponentially increase and you can successfully secure more customers at your end.

All of this is possible if your press release is written in an effective manner. Though the everyone is familiar with the concept of press release but still businesses are unable to figure out how to effectively write a press release. Following are some of the strategies that will help you to prepare a newsworthy press release:

The Headline of Your Press Release Should Be Interesting

Headline of any press release is used to be the face of a effective press release that can have some influence on the mind of reader upon catching a sight. Either it can impart a bad impression or a good impression. If the headline of your press release is attractive, then the journalist will be more than willing to further go through the whole content and may decide to pickup your press release if it seemed worthwhile.

Always Write a Press Release in a Correct Format

A Press Release written in a proper format is more likely to generate a strong response. The correct format of press release includes Headline, Business Logo, An introductory paragraph,  Middle Paragraph (containing useful information in an accurate but less lengthy manner), Ending Paragraph, Boilerplate and Contact Information.

Besides this, press release should be written as per AP guidelines. AP format is considered as a standard and frequently used by journalists all over the world as the content remains uniform and easy to read. Following are some of the guidelines:

  1. Use only one spacing between two words.
  2. Headlines and sub-headlines should be in titlecase.
  3. The subject of a press release should be written as a third person.
  4. Numbers ranging from 1 to 9 must be written as words; and onward numbers as digits.
  5. Common fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman are highly preferred.

A Perfect News Angle Is a Big Yes

It is highly recommended to find a suitable news angle. News Angle is the main reason that will urge journalists, your readers, and followers to pickup your press release by providing a relevant context in a press release which they are looking for. In order to deal with this problem, you need to target the right audience and consider the following for them:

  1. Habits
  2. Trust
  3. Values
  4. Location
  5. Interest

Don’t Forget to Include Contact Information

Media Contact is a necessary part of a press release. This way someone interested in your products and services will be able to reach you out for further queries. Also, the journalists and media outlets will view your company as authentic and a real source.

If you still need help in writing press release, then you should consult Global News Distribution as it has a team of qualified and experienced press release writers who can prepare a newsworthy press release related to any topic/niche/industry. They are well aware with the modern writing requirements, therefore press release written by them always sky rocket in visibility. 

So now is your chance, grab it by getting your press release written and distributed by Global News Distribution.

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