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How to Write Down a Compelling Press Release

Press Release are referred as one of the most powerful marketing and communication tools that allow different companies, brands, products, and services, to:

  • Communicate with their target audience 
  • Provide valuable information that can prove helpful to them
  • Unlock the opportunity to expand themselves

Press Releases allow you to give an extra boost to your business so that more people, especially the target audience, are aware of your company and what you can offer them. More they get familiar with you, the more they will realize that you are the one with whom they can develop a long term business relationship and fulfill their needs. 

A compelling press release allows you to maintain brand identity by keeping the reputation of your business positive and increasing its publicity as much as you can and there is a reason for that. Reputation is the most important factor that decides whether a business is successfully running or if everything is doomed. Think about huge brands such as BMW, Panasonic, Apple, Nike and Phillips, etc. Each of them is successful all over the world due to the exceptional level of reputation they enjoy.

Now coming back to the main topic of discussion, it is always recommended to send out a compelling press release. With the help of online press releases, many of the growth and publicity needs of businesses that were difficult to meet in the times of traditional marketing era, got accomplished but there are new challenges as well since the competition among similar businesses is already on rise.

Media Outlets, Journalists, Reporters and Editors are usually short of time. Everyday, their inbox is flooded by dozens of press releases shared by different companies, agencies and organizations. Therefore, expecting them to thoroughly read your news article is completely useless. What they are actually trying to find is newsworthy and interesting information to cover. 

A lot of press releases get ignored as: 

  • They are not relevant 
  • Contain extra amount of information
  • The content is in a difficult to understand language

Therefore, in order to get yourself noticed, make sure that your press release is interesting and newsworthy. Following are some tips that can help you out to prepare a compelling press release:

  • The Target Audience Needs to Be Identified

The most important thing before writing your press release is to identify your target audience and have a thorough research on what kind of information they are looking for. You can analyze the models, methods and tricks used by your own competitors.

You can focus on your customers, their age, residence, hobbies, and interests as well. The best way to make accurate identification is to engage with your customers on social media and effectively respond to their queries.

  • Create a Catchy Headline for Your Press Release

Headline is the first component of a press release that will impart a first impression in the mind of readers; that impression can either be good or bad depending upon how worthy the headline is.

So it is highly important that the headline of your press release should be interesting if you want consistent attention from journalists, media outlets and target audience otherwise they will skip your press release assuming its content to be dull, unattractive and boring just as the headline. 

  • Always Write a Press Release in AP Style Format

It is recommended to craft your press release in AP style. This format uses AP guidelines for writing any content and is used as standard all over the world to make sure that the content is uniform. Following are some of the AP rules:

  1. Always write down press releases with a third person perspective.
  2. Numbers from one to nine should be written as alphabets.
  3. Headings and Subheadings must be in the title case.
  • Don’t Forget to Include Boilerplate, Location, and Media Contacts

A press release contains a starting paragraph in which the subject of concern is introduced, then comes the middle paragraph where further details about product, brand, and services, etc are shared. Then comes the ending paragraph that concludes everything.

Make sure to include boilerplate, location and media contacts for your press release. Boilerplate provides the basic information about the company.

Location lets the readers know where your press release or company is based upon. So whenever you are sharing your PR with a journalist, make sure that location information is provided otherwise your press release will be considered as Spam/Obsolete and will end up in the trash section of the journalist’s email.

Media Contacts are necessary to provide in a PR so that the reader can easily reach out to you and get further required information about your company and its services. Providing media contacts allows editors, and journalists to develop a network as they will easily be able to contact you whenever they are in need of any newsworthy story.

  • A Great Angle Is Necessary for More Attention

Before writing any press release, it is necessary to discover a great angle which will be more likely to attract the attention of your target audience. For this, you will need to identify their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and residence, etc. This way you will be able to develop a more relevant perspective for your news story and get more visitors towards your website.

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