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New Interactive Holistic Workbook Created to be a Recipe for Motherhood

Author knew she wanted to be a mom, what she didn’t know was that motherhood would transform her soul
Balancing from the Heart

CARLSBAD, CALIF., JANUARY 03, 2023 – Blossoming as an intimate labor of love and taking over five years to create from the inspiration of her personal journals, author Robyn Lynn A’chey introduces her book, “Balancing from the Heart: Transformation, Self-sovereignty, Vitality, Creation in Pregnancy, Motherhood, & Beyond,” a comprehensive and interactive workbook about motherhood that is personalized, accessible, and intended to stimulate visually and mentally.

In the book, encouraging words and advice are shared with mothers and families as a holistic-inspired, interactive resource guide filled with tools, insights, and wisdom on navigating life from the inside out. Each page contains a space where readers may journal and take notes—inviting the reader to a personal, fun, and accessible environment for themselves to reflect.

“I hope my book feels like a cocoon for readers to explore their hearts, discern their truth, and learn how to use this book as a framework for their journey,” A’chey said. “This book is created for day-to-day usage. When opening any page or section, the reader has an opportunity to reflect and feel comforted for that day or week.”

A’chey cares for all mothers and families to feel empowered and supported at every stage and phase in their lives and learn how to harness the power within them to create a better world. She hopes to inspire parents and mothers to transform the world through their children through the work and guidance of her book.

“When I became a mom, I realized we have the power to help heal the world through our children, but the work has to start WITHIN first.” A’chey said, “This became the ultimate underlying theme and message for my book. I want to shift how we talk about this process and create a deeper level of support for women.”

“Balancing from the Heart: Transformation, Self-sovereignty, Vitality, Creation in Pregnancy, Motherhood, & Beyond”
By Robyn Lynn A’chey
ISBN: 9798765231364 (hardcover)
Available at Balboa PressAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Robyn Lynn was born and raised in New Jersey and started dancing at three. At 18, she moved to Los Angeles, where she studied and worked with some of the top choreographers and artists in the business. She signed up with a major agency and had the opportunity to work in both the dance and casting world. After seven years in the city, Robyn married her high school sweetheart, Jimmy, and she became a full-time, stay-at-home mom to her two children, Kayden, and Charlie Lynn. She and her family reside by the beach in San Diego, Calif., with their dog, Brady. To learn more, please visit

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