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SourceDay Unveils Partnership with SPS Commerce to Power 100% PO Delivery

Proprietary API extends customers’ SourceDay system to their EDI suppliers, giving manufacturers a single workflow and real-time visibility across the entire PO lifecycle

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 1, 2024 — Today, SourceDay launched SourceDay EDI, Powered by SPS Commerce, the first and only supply chain collaboration platform to provide manufacturers and distributors insights and mitigation workflows to resolve high-impact supply chain issues across all suppliers, including those who work in other technology workflows, such as EDI.

With the proprietary API connection, co-developed by SourceDay and SPS Commerce, the two technologies exchange the PO information, PO acknowledgments, PO updates, and ASNs. The suppliers can update the PO with their EDI workflow, and the manufacturer will receive and be able to work and respond to all updates within their SourceDay workflow – enabling each party to work in their respective native environment of business processes and tools to receive and collaborate and manage exceptions on their critical PO data.

The result is a transformative experience that bolsters supply chain resilience, responsiveness, and readiness for modern-day business demands with real-time supply chain collaboration.

The Imperative for Supply Chain Collaboration

  • This partnership was created to drive a single buyer process that enables accurate scheduling and production forecasting, increases on-time-in-full (OTIF) delivery data, reduces production downtime, and increases revenue predictability and accuracy.
  • “Through proactive purchase order management, we’ve shifted our focus to cost-saving strategies, enhanced supplier interactions, and more strategic operations.” In the past 24 months, a major electrical manufacturer has successfully scaled its business and boosted their supplier OTIF rates to an impressive 96%.
  • In today’s volatile economic landscape, marked by global disruptions and shifting market demands, effective supply chain collaboration has become critical for maintaining business continuity and competitive advantage. Our partnership is a proactive response to these challenges, offering a solution that enhances agility, reliability, and responsiveness in the supply chain.
  • Integrating EDI, technology companies have used for decades, with the new age of supply chain collaboration that is SourceDay offers a way to connect manufacturers to all of their suppliers without investing in a technology that only a few of their suppliers use.
  • SourceDay EDI, Powered by SPS Commerce, is the final piece in SourceDay’s puzzle of 100% PO delivery. No more missed orders. No more missed changes to date quantity or prices. And no more missed parts that will undoubtedly shut down production lines. SourceDay is the solution that streamlines all critical PO-related communication in one place for modernized supply chain collaboration.

SourceDay x SPS Commerce Partnership
The SourceDay and SPS Commerce partnership signifies a leap forward in supply chain visibility and collaboration, offering businesses the unparalleled ability to manage their supply chain with precision and agility. Committed to innovation and customer success, SourceDay and SPS Commerce are collectively redefining the future of supply chain interactions, setting a new industry standard of 100% PO delivery and automated collaboration workflows through the lifecycle of PO’s in a single platform.

Tom Kieley, CEO of SourceDay, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “Our collaboration with SPS Commerce represents a pivotal advancement in supply chain collaboration. By SourceDay and SPS coming together, we are setting a new standard for what businesses should expect from their supply chain solutions – automation and confidence of 100% PO delivery, complete PO lifecycle visibility, a competitive advantage above their competitors, efficiency from PO creation to delivery, and predictable risk mitigation and revenue forecasting.”

Mark O’Leary, CMO of SPS Commerce added, “Our partnership with SourceDay underscores our dedication to digitizing all aspects of supply chain communication. Together, we are delivering a solution that empowers manufacturers to align with their suppliers to enhance visibility, improve collaboration, and operate more seamlessly.”

Read more about SourceDay EDI, Powered by SPS Commerce, here.

About SourceDay
SourceDay is a supply chain collaboration platform that integrates with any ERP system to overcome the risks and costs inherent in archaic, manual PO management processes. SourceDay helps manufacturers achieve supplier on-time in-full (OTIF) delivery rates as high as 96% by providing unmatched visibility and control over inbound supply so that operations can keep production lines rolling, orders flowing, and operational costs in check.

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