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SPIbelt Launches the Eco SPIbelt, Made From 100% Recycled Materials for Earth Day 2024

SPIbelt Launches the Eco SPIbelt, Made From 100% Recycled Materials for Earth Day 2024

SPIbelt®, pioneers of the small personal item (SPI) category of belts designed for runners, active lifestyle enthusiasts and travelers, announces the debut of its latest product, the Eco SPIbelt. This Earth Day, April 22, the Eco SPIbelt sets a new standard for sustainable fitness gear, utilizing cutting-edge 100% recycled materials to minimize environmental impact while maintaining the performance and comfort SPIbelt is known for.

The Eco SPIbelt is made using FishTale fabric, a groundbreaking, 100% recycled, high-performance swimwear. Crafted from nylon made out of fishing nets that previously threatened whales, dolphins, seabirds and ocean mammals, combined with spandex that gives new life to reclaimed waste, the Eco SPIbelt’s construction signals a major advancement in eco-friendly innovation. It maintains the utmost product quality SPIbelt fans know and love, and at the same time delivers on a larger mission to keep our oceans clean.

“The creation of the Eco SPIbelt is a testament to our commitment to the planet and our customers,” said Kim Overton, founder of SPIbelt. “It embodies our mission to provide original products that support active lifestyles without compromising our environmental responsibilities. Launching the Eco SPIbelt on Earth Day is our way of contributing to a healthier planet, one belt at a time.”

The Eco SPIbelt retains all the cherished features of SPIbelt’s current award-winning lineup. Made in the USA, it boasts a 9″ x 4″ x 2″ pocket, expandable to accommodate larger smartphones like the iPhone® 14 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy® S23+, and other essentials. It fits waist sizes from 25″ to 38″, with an extender available for additional length. Engineered for a bounce-free experience, the Eco SPIbelt features a secure, expandable, low-profile pocket, comfortable soft elastic to prevent chafing, and a sturdy buckle and glides for the most active users. Like with the entire SPIbelt lineup, the Eco SPIbelt is perfect for securely carrying essentials during runs, walks, and hikes; and it’s the ideal companion when traveling, managing medical needs and more.

“Creating the Eco SPIbelt is our latest stride in pushing the boundaries of what our gear can represent,” added Overton. “We’re inviting our customers to join us in a movement towards sustainability, proving that every step towards eco-conscious living is a step towards empowering ourselves and nurturing the world around us.”

Shop the new Eco SPIbelt, currently available in Caribbean Blue, online here beginning April 22.

About SPIbelt

Founded in Austin, Texas by Kim Overton and with patents dating back to 2006, SPIbelt originated as the first small personal item belt, setting the industry benchmark for running belts. Known for their innovative and bounce-free designs, SPIbelt products ensure comfortable and secure carrying of essentials for a wide range of activities, from casual strolls to professional marathons. Prioritizing quality, comfort, and convenience, SPIbelt has expanded its product line to address everyday needs and specific challenges, including the SPI Distance Pro hydration belt, the SPIbelt Crossbody Bag, the Diabetic Insulin Pump Belt, and the SPI Messenger Bag. With a presence in over a thousand stores nationwide and availability in more than 40 countries, SPIbelt continues to inspire and facilitate active lifestyles across the globe.

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