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Stats Launches Revolutionary DeFi Multi-Wallet Portfolio Management Platform

NEW YORK CITY, NY, March 02, 2023 – Stats, a DeFi multi-wallet portfolio management DApp/platform, has announced the launch of its all-in-one hub for DeFi users. The platform provides users with a revolutionary approach to DeFi management, with weekly updates and added features to enhance the user experience.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Stats, the DeFi multi-wallet portfolio management platform that provides an all-in-one hub for DeFi users,” said William Playfair, the founder of Stats. “Our platform offers a revolutionary approach to DeFi management, and we are constantly working to improve it with new features and updates.” Stats aims to be the go to multi-wallet DApp supporting all chains, with it being currently live for ETH tracking, it’s next update is to support Arbitrum and Shibarium.

One of the key features of Stats is its easy-to-use interface, which provides users with a simple and intuitive way to manage their DeFi assets. The platform includes a wallet-token breakdown feature to track and manage their DeFi assets more effectively. Additionally, Stats offers a hide function for users to clean up their unwanted assets.

Another feature that sets Stats apart from other DeFi platforms is its AI auditor bot. It scans code to check for errors, unsafe actions, and suggestions for improvement. This provides users with an added layer of security when using the platform. Additionally, Stats offers live new pairs, which show newly launched tokens with as much information on them as possible.

“We are committed to providing our users with the best possible DeFi management experience,” said William. “That’s why we have included features such as our AI auditor bot, which provides an added layer of security when using our platform. We are constantly working to improve our platform and look forward to implementing more chains and features in the future.”

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