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Tag: E-commerce

Rustic Deco Incorporated Launches Deco Shelf e-Store

New e-Commerce Store with Large Selection of Unique Decorations Now Online! We are pleased to announce the successful launch of the Deco Shelf e-commerce store for global online shoppers. Along with providing exclusive discounts to retail shoppers, our new e-commerce site complements the company’s store by providing parcel-sized decorations and collectibles

Arthur Freydin Talks Role of E-Commerce Marketing in an Economic Downturn

Recent economic downturns provided e-commerce with a growth opportunity, and Arthur Freydin explains how ad spend helped. The COVID-19 pandemic tested many sectors of global society and numerous industries. As the human tragedy unfolded, supply chain weaknesses, ill-advised inventory management, and other factors combined to close some businesses and elevate

Rooshine Launches New E-Commerce Platform for UK Customers

Rooshine, Inc. (OTC PINK: RSAU) (“Rooshine” or the “Company”), an importer, distributor and seller of premium alcoholic spirits, is happy to announce the launch of its new E-Commerce site at The Company has engaged AlphaGeek, a UK-Based end-to-end digital marketing firm in a multi-engagement partnership focused on ROI-based advertising and marketing

Blue Oak Empire: Offering Backbone Service for E-commerce

Being founded at a time of an economic crisis, Blue Oak Empire is bringing individuals to success through the pandemic Blue Oak Empire doing over 26 million dollars gross a year helping clients run e-commerce accounts is a highly successful firm. They take in clients who are new to e-commerce