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GenRocket Automates Synthetic Data Delivery at Enterprise Scale

New Enterprise Scalability features ensure DevOps teams have fast access to test data that fully covers any test case requirement with controlled, accurate and 100% secure synthetic data. Regardless of where developers or testers are located, they can access and generate synthetic test data with direct integration into their automated release pipeline.

Ojai, CA, September 08, 2022 – GenRocket, the leader in synthetic test data automation, today unveiled Enterprise Scalability features that completely transform the test data management paradigm and raises the bar for synthetic data deployment across the enterprise.

GenRocket Enterprise Scalability ensures that no matter where a DevOps team is located, they can access the volume, variety, and format of test data needed in a matter of minutes and generate controlled and accurate synthetic data in seconds. Any number of developers and testers worldwide in different scrum teams can access a self-service test data portal to find and request any test data they need for any test case requirement. And, perhaps best of all, synthetic data can be launched automatically and generated for any software development tool or automated testing framework.

“GenRocket is the industry’s most advanced synthetic data platform,” said Garth Rose, CEO of GenRocket. “It offers over 700 intelligent data Generators, close to 100 different data output formats, and the widest variety of data modeling methods for simulating any structured or unstructured data environment.”

GenRocket recommends that companies deploying its Enterprise Scalability features create a small team of synthetic data engineers to act as a Synthetic Test Data Center of Excellence (CoE). Test data engineers in the CoE, develop Test Data Cases, also known as G-Cases, that provide a light-weight instruction set used to generate synthetic data during each test case run.

G-Cases are organized within Test Data Projects that are categorized, synchronized, and version-controlled for reusability. G-Cases can easily be integrated and deployed into any automated software release pipeline. With GenRocket, test data is instantly provisioned for any type of test once the rules for synthetic data generation are defined. Using a self-service portal called G-Portal, G-Cases can be shared among developers and testers worldwide, modified for different use cases, and saved to run fresh synthetic test data for future use.

“Test data is one of the biggest barriers to our industry achieving quality at speed,” said Mr. Rose. “GenRocket’s ability to provide 100% secure test data in any volume, variety and format to global teams of developers and testers through a self-service portal is a game-changer.”

The GenRocket platform is implemented as a SaaS solution in a secure hybrid cloud computing environment that separates the process of designing synthetic test data from generating synthetic test data. Test data modeling and design takes place in the cloud, while test data deployment and generation take place on-premise and/or in the customer’s secure, private cloud environment.

The on-premise / private cloud technology for data generation includes a multi-threaded, parallel processing architecture that maximizes speed, simplicity, and scalability. Its distributed self-service portal puts high-quality synthetic test data directly in the hands of developers and testers when they need it.

GenRocket integrates easily into any testing tool, test automation framework or CI/CD pipeline delivering test data on-demand. It is extremely cost-effective for all size organizations but delivers unmatched cost efficiency and return-on-investment when deployed at enterprise scale.

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