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Yellowbrick Named Top EdTech Company in North America by TIME and Statista

Yellowbrick Tops North American EdTech Rankings, Secures Global Top 10 Position

Yellowbrick Named Top EdTech Company in North America by TIME and Statista
Yellowbrick Named Top EdTech Company in North America by TIME and Statista

NEW YORK, April 29, 2024 – Yellowbrick (, a pioneer in creative education and career exploration, today announced it has been recognized as the top EdTech company in North America and ranked #6 globally in the inaugural “World’s Top EdTech Companies 2024” list by TIME and Statista. This recognition underscores Yellowbrick’s impact and commitment to reshaping learning through innovation.

“We are honored to be recognized by TIME and Statista as the leading EdTech company in North America and one of the top worldwide,” said Yellowbrick CEO Rob Kingyens. “Every milestone we achieve is built on the contributions of our dedicated team, partners, investors, and contributors. Together, we’ve created an innovative, engaging, and effective learning environment for our students worldwide.”

Daniel Pianko, Board Chairman of Yellowbrick and Managing Director at University Ventures, added, “Yellowbrick’s ascent to the top of the North American EdTech market reflects its unmatched ability to merge creative and career-oriented education built in collaboration with top-tier brands and professionals. Their approach transforms how students learn and how they apply that learning to achieve success in the creative economy.”

The “World’s Top EdTech Companies 2024” list by TIME and Statista is a new benchmark in the industry, celebrating companies that excel in innovation and impact. Yellowbrick earned its spot on the list thanks to its unique educational model that combines accessible online programs with real-world insights from top-ranked creative universities, brands, and industry experts in the entertainment and creative arts industries.

Yellowbrick’s approach to creative education includes:

  • Partnerships with Top-tier Brands: Yellowbrick collaborates with NYU Tisch, Parsons, Billboard, and Rolling Stone to create high-impact educational experiences.
  • Industry Professionals: Courses feature insights from leading professionals across Hollywood studios and major creative companies, ensuring real-world relevance and expert guidance.
  • Industry-Driven Courses: Courses in film, animation, VFX, music, fashion, and sports are designed to develop essential skills for careers in the entertainment and creative industries.
  • Technology-Enhanced Learning: Technology to offer personalized learning and professional mentor-led programs such as Animation Mentor.

Recognition Highlights:

  • Top EdTech company in North America
  • Ranked #6 globally among 250 recognized companies
  • Evaluated on criteria of innovation, impact, and leadership in the education sector

As Yellowbrick continues to lead in creative education, it is dedicated to expanding its offerings and reaching more learners around the globe. In the coming year, the company plans to introduce new courses and partnerships that further its impact and extend its reach.

About Yellowbrick:

Yellowbrick’s mission is to empower the next generation of talent in the creative arts, media, and entertainment industries to advance their careers through transformative educational experiences developed in partnership with leading institutions, brands, and industry experts.

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