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A New Era of Business: How LiveNotary 2.0 is Helping Businesses Thrive Amid the Digital Age

The Nation’s Premier Online Notarization Platform Launches a New and Improved Platform to Include New Pricing and Expanded Features

As the world around us changes, we need modern solutions to match. As society advances in the digital renaissance, more and more business practices are conducted in virtual format, ensuring an instant and seamless workflow. Any business owner understands that time is money, and being held up by processes can create unnecessary friction. LiveNotary, the nation’s premier online notarization platform for businesses is proud to announce the release of LiveNotary 2.0; a new and improved platform featuring tiered pricing systems, upgrades features, and streamlined processes.

Founded in 2020, LiveNotary has revolutionized notary services to breathe life into tired business practices and introducing a 24/7 notary business model to the corporate world. Busy business owners now had access to LiveNotary’s elite network of commissioned notaries to perform seamless, secure transactions in a flash.

As the industry leader in convenient, reliable notarization services, LiveNotary has empowered thousands of clients to automate their processes, taking their businesses into the digital age. After one year in business, LiveNotary has tactfully gathered feedback from their clientele to revamp their platform with intention; offering multi-tiered pricing to fit any budget, upgraded security measures to ensure privacy, and additional features to expand platform capabilities. New features include:

-User accounts are now removed to help clients notarize in 1-click
-KBA identity verification checks and during each session for added security measures
-Custom branding capabilities for enterprise clients
-Improved verification service
-Elimination of collecting payments for notaries on the platform
-Invitation capabilities to invite additional signers during each session
-Implementation of “teams” for business subscription clients
-Usage of the LiveNotary network of notaries for business subscription clients

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to supporting businesses across the nation; LiveNotary’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of LiveNotary 2.0.

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About LiveNotary LLC

LiveNotary LLC is the premier online notarization platform used by businesses across the nation. Founded in 2020, LiveNotary provides businesses with a quick, seamless, and convenient platform to connect with their clients in remote format, and conduct imperative business transactions with little friction. Through the tactful implementation of industry-leading technology and the collaborative efforts of their elite team of commissioned notaries, LiveNotary ensures that all clients have round-the-clock access to the full functionality of the platform. Safe, secure, and easy to use; LiveNotary has rapidly become the most trusted resource for businesses amid the digital renaissance.


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