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Albert Boufarah is Featured in a Forthcoming Professional Profile

During the course of the profile, the founder and chief executive of computer recycling firm SAMR Inc. deals with a wide variety of subjects, including how the idea for an electronics recycling firm occurred to him and what motivates him to keep expanding his business.

When a web-based journalist approached Albert Boufarah, the founder and CEO of electronic waste (e-waste) recycling firm SAMR Inc., about being featured in an in-depth professional profile, he agreed readily, eager to share his accumulated wisdom with the world. The profile, which was conducted on behalf of a noted online periodical aimed at tech-savvy businesspeople and entrepreneurs, is scheduled to be published in the coming days.

Early on in the piece, Albert is asked what prompted the thought of starting an e-waste & laptop recycling company in the first place. “As I learned more and more about the recycling process, I couldn’t help but notice one or two overarching themes at play in the industry at the time. The first was that beginning in the last decades of the 20th century, companies, organizations, and individuals were throwing away an increasingly large amount of electronic equipment. My interest was piqued by this development, and so I dug in and did some research,” he explains, elaborating, “I found out that not only are many of the key components of electronic devices toxic if left to erode in a normal landfill, but also that a good deal of them are made from rare metals. That’s when I had the ‘eureka’ moment that establishing a company that responsibly disposed of these potentially dangerous items could simultaneously benefit the environment and make for a successful business. It was at that moment that SAMR Inc. came to fruition.”

Later on in the interview, upon being asked what motivates him to keep growing his business, Albert Boufarah responds that professional & personal factors are the driving forces in his life. “Simply put, it’s my children. I love them both so much, and I resolved a long time ago to do whatever was in my power to make the world they inherit a better place,” he responds in a moment of true candor, before widening the scope of his answer. “Although, if I’m being really honest, it’s about more than that. Sure, I think of my children first-any father would-but, ultimately, it’s really about everyone’s children. It’s about the future of the human race and the planet Earth. I think that broadening the reach of SAMR Inc. contributes to the sustainability of society. The more material our company recycles, the better shape the planet will be in for future generations.”

Anyone curious to learn more about Albert Boufarah’s professional endeavors & goal of helping the environment is encouraged to visit his personal website, while anyone interested to learn more about SAMR Inc. and the many services it provides is encouraged to visit the company’s official website.

About Albert Boufarah:

Originally from Freehold, NJ, Albert Boufarah is a veteran businessman & a self-professed “serial entrepreneur”. He started his first two companies in early adulthood, one dealing with traditional waste management and the other dealing with tree and yard waste disposal. With the success of these two companies, Albert Boufarah established himself as a force to be reckoned with in New Jersey’s highly-competitive waste disposal industry.

Later, as he became more educated and concerned with climate change and other environmental issues, Albert turned his efforts toward finding eco-friendly solutions to waste management. As the millennium dawned, Albert established SAMR Inc. in order to realize his ambition of an industrial-scale, environmentally sustainable electronics recycling company and do his part to assist with the rehabilitation of the planet. In the years since, SAMR Inc. has surpassed his expectations in the realms of positive ecological and social impact, as well as expansion and profitability. Although he wears many hats professionally, Albert Boufarah views his position as the CEO of SAMR Inc. as his primary role.

About SAMR Inc.:

SAMR Inc. is one of the world’s premier electronics recycling companies. It provides solutions for businesses, schools, hospitals, towns, and government entities looking to dispose of e-waste. The professional services that SAMR Inc. offers range from e-waste & TV recycling to secure data destruction to information technology asset management. With more than twenty years experience and a state-of-the-art recycling facility located on premises, SAMR Inc. is one of only a handful of companies that can legally collect, demanufacture, and safely recycle computers and computer components. SAMR Inc. is headquartered in Lakewood, New Jersey, and services most of the Eastern United States.

Contact Information:

Albert Boufarah
Founder and CEO, SAMR Inc.

Phone: 866-509-7267


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