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Alert 360 Launches Video Shield to Provide Live Video Monitoring for Security Customers

Live video monitoring of security cameras 24/7 to help prevent crime and inventory loss before it happens

Alert 360, one of the largest providers of security systems and smart automation in the nation, has announced its newest, advanced video monitoring system security service – Alert 360 Video Shield. The Alert 360 Video Shield is the latest security option in a series of new home and commercial security solutions the company has announced in the past year.

Alert 360 Video Shield offers highly trained video experts to monitor and watch key areas of commercial properties, business sites, and high-end residential properties. Video Shield provides live video monitoring of property and assets to help prevent crimes and property loss before they happen. The company offers two options as part of its new video monitoring service: Video Shield and Video Shield Guard.

Both new live video monitoring services increase the speed at which potential crime is detected and addressed. Alert 360 Video Shield remote video monitoring can help to identify a threat, verify it, and notify authorities if necessary. Customers can choose a tailored video surveillance solution to complement existing security systems. Alert 360 video monitoring professionals watch for suspicious activity in real-time and can dispatch police often times even before a criminal breaks in or damages property. This eliminates waiting to review a previous night’s security video footage after a crime has taken place.

Both Alert 360 Video Shield options provide:

  • Advanced, proactive asset protection and surveillance
  • Immediate notification of real-time events on your property
  • Video analysis of suspicious activity that saves you time by studying footage and data to respond to triggered events more rapidly
  • After-hours dispatch on alarm signals sent from active monitored cameras
  • Ability to integrate with existing video infrastructures, such as IP cameras, NVR or DVRs, and compatible with hundreds of video brands and manufacturers

Alert 360 Video Shield specific features and benefits include:

  • Monitoring 24/7 by Alert 360 alarm monitoring professionals from our award-winning, U.S.-based alarm monitoring center
  • Active monitoring of cameras initiated by a trigger (motion, virtual line-crossing, intrusion zone, object detection, etc.)
  • Monitored openings and closings of your business
  • Reduced false alarms and false dispatches
  • Regular, detailed incident reporting delivered via email

Alert 360 Video Shield Guard specific features and benefits include:

  • Monitoring of existing security cameras and video, with scheduled, live guard tours
  • Daily virtual guard tours six times per day
  • Immediate notification of real-time events on your property, when they occur
  • Rapid identification of potential threats, protecting your business and valuable assets
  • After-hours dispatch on suspicious activity picked up on virtual guard tour
  • Reduced staffing costs for on-site security guard service
  • Weekly reporting delivered via email
  • Reduction of false alarm fees and false dispatches

“Preventing property loss before it occurs and providing rapid response to suspicious activity makes a real difference to the bottom line of our customers,” said William Huffman, Monitoring Center Operations Manager. “These advanced, proactive monitoring options help greatly reduce insurance claims and provide a needed, extra set of eyes on valuables and property. Added video guard tours also help when staffing is short or during busy times when business owners are stretched thin or need to focus on other areas of their businesses.

“Our new Video Shield security solution is just one more advanced security solution in our growing line of services. We’re able to offer property owners across the country complete and custom security options that help protect all facets of their operations, from company vehicles and valuable inventory to employees and customers. It’s simple: Our Alert 360 Video Shield saves property owners time, money, and worry.”                            

Alert 360 Video Shield security camera monitoring and guard options benefit industries ranging from lumber yards, car dealerships, construction, office, cemeteries, distribution, oil and gas, storage facilities, retail, schools, multi-family residential, utility infrastructure and more.

The Alert 360 Video Shield is the latest security offering in a growing line of home, business and commercial security solutions the company has announced in recent months. As a national leader in monitored security systems and services, Alert 360 has launched four new solutions to increase security around homes, businesses, and remote locations in the past year. These services include the Alert 360 Edge security panel, Connected Car, the Flex 360, and the Alert 360 Smart Video Doorbell 2.0.

The new Alert 360 Edge security panel’s artificial intelligence and processing technology enables touchless disarm and the industry’s first home security system panel with built-in face recognition. The Connected Car extends Alert 360’s security services to vehicles and alerts owners if a vehicle is tampered with or moves. The smart video doorbell provides the latest in video analytics, more useful alerts, two-way audio, and 150-degree high definition videos, viewing of your front porch, yard, or entrance. Another new Alert 360 security option, the Flex 360, is a battery-powered sensor designed to protect toolsheds, gates, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, construction equipment, and more.

Alert 360’s complete line of home security, business security, energy management, and smart automation services include interactive security, wireless security cameras, remote access, smart thermostats, water leak sensors, smart doorbell cameras, and monitored heat and carbon monoxide detectors. Alert 360 also provides professional installation or integration of smart home devices, such as sprinkler systems, sound systems, Amazon Echo, Google Home and more.

Alert 360 allows home and business owners to observe and manage their security systems using a free mobile app. In addition to the above security system options, the company offers HD video surveillance cameras, keyless entry door locks, Geo-Fence garage door controllers, and smart lighting. Alert 360 also offers the ability to control these security and smart home devices through Google Home or Alexa from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Alert 360 Video Shield is available now for home, business owners and commercial locations wanting to increase the monitoring of their security camera and video surveillance systems. Call 833-333-0360 or contact one of Alert 360’s local security branches across the United States.

About Alert 360

Founded in 1973, Alert 360 is one of the nation’s oldest-licensed alarm monitoring providers. Today, the company is a leading provider of monitored home security and home automation solutions to homes across the United States. Alert 360 operates a monitoring and customer service center in Tulsa, Okla., and has offices coast to coast, serving customers in 26 states. Alert 360 has earned Five Diamond Monitoring Center designation from The Monitoring Association for excellence in alarm monitoring for security systems and home automation devices. An Oklahoma-based company, Alert 360 also was voted the “Best Home Security Provider” and has been named a “Best Places to Work” six consecutive years!

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