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Amber Massey Discusses the Role Influencers Have on the Market

Why Social Media Influencers Matter on the Market

Amber Massey is a social media influencer with a large community of followers. Through her organically grown platform, Amber Massey can highlight many products and services over the years. Amber explains that the role of an influencer has a more significant impact on the market than many may think, which is why it is crucial to know what to expect from these professionals.

Why Social Media Influencers Matter on the Market
Amber Massey knows that the role of the social media influencer has expanded dramatically in recent years. In the early years of social media and YouTube, these individuals likely had no more than a few hundred thousand followers and views on their videos. However, Amber Massey and other influencers now get millions of followers and views, meaning that their opinion is spread far and wide in many unexpected ways.

Amber Massey says that their opinions do influence those of their fans, no matter what skeptics may think. In a sense, influencers are much like television, movie, or sports stars in their spread and influence. However, they are often more trusted than other celebrities and reach a more niche market, meaning that their ideas and content may be spread to a particular economic segment.

As a result, Amber Massey believes that a successful influencer can cause a sudden increase in a product’s popularity or a sudden decrease. Many items have become incredibly popular after certain reviewers have highlighted them, mainly if their influence spreads to millions of viewers. If even half of these fans take an influencer’s advice and purchase or avoid a product or service, they shift the market dramatically.

Therefore, it is vital to take them seriously as a marketing tool and make sure that your products or services make it into their hands. Many companies send influencers free products to review, which is a wise choice for small companies. Even if you lose out on the sale, getting your product reviewed by a vast influencer will make sure that it spreads even further.

These benefits may be possible even if an influencer gives your product a mediocre or even poor review. Amber Massey has found that companies with products and services that she has provided very negative reviews still send her products to review because their sales go up, even with the negative criticism. Many companies even fix these issues with their products and send them back to the influencer for a second review.

This type of follow-up content is vast because it shows the buying market that a company cares about its opinion and is willing to do what it can to fix issues. In this way, an influencer can create massive movement in their niche, causing products to thrive or drop off the face of the Earth. This kind of marketing power and potential should not be ignored by companies who want to succeed in the always challenging world of focused SEO and digital marketing.


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