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Atbrook Memorial Day Workshop on Introspective Writing Inspires Productivity Through Self-Reflection

The Atlanta-based writing studio Atbrook continues its 2023 workshop series to help researchers, subject matter experts, and executives become more proficient writers.

Atlanta, GA, May 29th, 2023 – In 2023, more organizations are seeing high-value employees experience mental burnout and rapid productivity loss than ever before. While many professionals are now using ChatGPT to boost their short-term productivity, the looming threat of generic communication styles and a creeping loss of creative identity require more than the traditional communication toolbox has to offer.

To help aspiring and established thought leaders manage their content output and refocus their unique communication characteristics in this adversarial creative environment, the Atlanta-based Atbrook offers a new workshop on introspective writing. Aimee Worlds, Atbrook’s certified Holistic Health Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapist explains: “Our introspective writing workshop gently taps into every writers ability to mentally access an inner sanctuary where relaxation meets productivity. Atbrook masterfully helps develop this skill by unwinding the mind and unlocking new creative potential, for personal and professional growth without stress.”

The writing studio Atbrook has started this workshop series in January 2023, with additional in-person and Zoom workshops planned for June and the rest of the year. “The first workshop really helped me connect on a profound level with my creative self,” states Ajaye Lee, actress and voiceover talent. “Diving into the exercises empowered me to leverage my emotions and experiences to become a better actress, writer, and storyteller.”

The upcoming workshop on May 29 has been fully booked. Mark Yang, President of Top Shelf Toastmasters and keynote speaker, points out: “As a public speaker, this workshop series has taught me that introspective writing can serve as a powerful mental refuge, providing a resilient outlet for self-reflection.” To learn more about future writing workshops or to request info on professional coaching, visit:

About Atbrook LLC

Founded by David Umbach in 2018, Atlanta’s writing studio Atbrook helps emerging researchers, subject matter experts, and international executives become thought leaders through carefully crafted storytelling and authoritative content. Our specialized writers, certified coaches, and scientific editors offer a creative approach to non-fiction ghostwriting, personalized coaching, and scientific editing.

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