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Attorney Becca Brennan Talks Helping People Pursue Their Dreams in an Exclusive Interview

In a new interview, Attorney Becca Brennan discusses what she loves about consultancy and how she thrives off helping others.

A platform that aims to end stress and burnout while redefining what it means to be successful has featured Becca Brennan in an exclusive interview. During their conversation, Brennan reveals her motivations for becoming an attorney and what she sees herself doing next.

Brennan is well-versed in several legal areas, including corporate structuring, corporate compliance, and intellectual property. As a professional consultant, Brennan helps businesses maximize profits by identifying potential issues and developing strategic solutions to prevent her clients from participating in a drawn-out legal dispute.

When asked why she chose consultancy, Brennan replied: “I truly love being a part of helping someone realize their dream. Being a small business owner is so hard, and you need someone in your corner to drown out all the other distractions. I love being that person in your corner with a metaphorical water bottle and towel, or actual water bottle and towel, if need be.”

All businesses, regardless of size, would be well-advised to have an experienced attorney by their side, especially during the start-up phase. A good consultant will provide crucial support when the founder sets up their business, needs intellectual property advice, guidance on compliance laws, or is facing a lawsuit.

In the interview, Brennan also discusses what she hopes to do next. “As someone who has always championed small businesses, another trend I am loving is the focus on small, local, and minority and women-led companies that we’ve seen in the media lately. Once I’m licensed to start practicing in Canada, I’m planning to devote at least half of my time to under-represented small business clients on a pro bono or sliding-scale basis,” she says.

Statistics show that there are far fewer female entrepreneurs than males due to structural barriers facing women and other minority groups. In Canada alone, women are the majority owners of only 15.6% of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Women-led companies are a powerful driver of economic activity in Ontario, but ongoing restraints continue to limit their success. As such, Brennan aims to help rectify this problem through her continued efforts.

Interested parties can read Becca Brennan’s full interview here.

About Becca Brennan
Becca Brennan grew up in Toronto, Ontario, before relocating to New York City to complete her studies. Upon graduation from law school, Brennan achieved meaningful work experience working in corporate tax law. Through networking, she met several small business owners who were interested in receiving legal advice. Shortly after, Brennan decided to step away from her corporate job and establish a solo consultancy practice. She is now living in Toronto once more and is working towards obtaining her license to practice law in Canada, which she will use to help small, local, minority and women-led companies.

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