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Automation plays a pivotal role in transforming the healthcare sector

The healthcare sector has faced the most tumultuous year with the pandemic and the growing Covid-19 cases. Scientists have been working hard to introduce medical advances, but technological advancement is also transforming the healthcare industry.

Automation surrounds us everywhere. Today, most of our routine activities are managed by technology. The healthcare industry also needs automation to cut costs and improve efficiency. Automation of manual tasks is integral for performance improvement. At, we strive to speed up everyday tasks and eliminate human mistakes or errors with our intelligent automation technology. 

We recently noticed that some of our customers and schools face operational challenges with daily health check-ups. The goal of daily health check-ups is to control the pandemic and improve safety for humans. But the recent healthcare reforms have made it more challenging to conduct daily health checks. The COVID-19 crisis has led to new rules and regulations that can be disrupting and time-consuming for organizations worldwide.  

The government and public health officials have implemented strict measures to control the spread of COVID-19. We realized that organizations seek to find solutions to new challenges while following the current health check practices. The organizations and schools have to conduct daily in-person or virtual health checks like Covid-19 symptoms and temperature screening of employees and students before entering the facility or campus.

One of the most talked-about concerns organizations are now fighting with is how to manage COVID-19 testing at work or on campus. Many organizations and schools have to assess employees, visitors, and students. The employees and parents worry about the consistency and effectiveness of current safety practices at work or campus. 

Some organizations prefer to send questionnaires to skip the daily check-ups at work or campus, but this process consumes too much manual time. Employees and students need to check their temperature with a thermometer before going to work or campus. They have to check for symptoms like cough, shortness of breath, body ache, headache, and fever. They must update if they have any known exposure.

The admins should confirm that employees and students have checked their temperature, and a record should be kept as confirmation. These reports and data should be accessible by the right people and at the right time. The data and reports can be easily lost or misplaced. The most dangerous risk is human error. A human error can overlook any at-risk situation increasing the potential danger of spreading the virus. Organizations also find it difficult to get real-time visibility into who has and has not completed the daily health checks. 

Organizations and schools have to develop policies and procedures for the safety of employees and students. At, we wanted the community to have greater confidence and be aware of consistent and high safety practices. We decided to automate the process and make it easier for the admins to follow current obligatory safety practices. We launched that automates daily health check-ups. It completely eliminates the health screenings at work or campus. It ensures all daily health checks are conducted securely and remotely. eliminates the possibilities of human errors. It assures that everyone at work or on campus has been correctly screened and cleared. Every submitted report is fully completed and reviewed. It features automated, real-time alerts for at-risk or incomplete answers. It also sends automated text reminders. The questions are easy to answer, and the admins can customize them as per their requirements. is entirely cloud-based and secured.’s technology also helps the organization screen visitors before entering the premises. Visitors just have to scan a QR code at the entrance of the premises. A health check questionnaire will appear on their smartphone, and a real-time update will be sent to the visitors and organization.

We aim to make health checks simple and straightforward with our automation technology and reduce human intervention in the process. is designed to provide admins with peace of mind. They simply have to customize the questions with alerts, schedule to whom, and when the health checks will be sent, and select a date to start the automated application. Our services are rightly priced at $0.15 per completed health check to make them affordable for every organization. The users will receive a full refund of any prepaid unused

health checks. 

We are not only working towards changing the healthcare sector with automation, but we have also pledged to give back to the community. Millions of children go to bed hungry every night. We strive to help feed hungry children in our communities. 10% of our revenue at is donated to local charities to help feed children affected by school closures. 

At Glowing.Io, we believe that automation will bring greater efficiency and effectiveness in the healthcare industry.

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