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Bitcoin Seduction Movie

New Movie Bitcoin Seduction Unravels The Mystery Behind The World’s Biggest Digital Asset

(via Blockchain WireBITCOIN SEDUCTION – The Ultimate Financial Fantasy’ (IMDb) is a soon-to-be-launched project from the stables of BS Production & Crypto Film Fund as the film takes the audience on an amazing ride detailing hitherto unknown facts about Bitcoin (BTC) and the digital currency space. The docudrama features personal interviews, scripted dramatization, and animation, telling the story of how a computer-generated currency has been able to disrupt the global financial system.

Bitcoin Seduction is a docudrama that tells the story of how a computer-generated intangible coin, conceived by a mysterious creator, captivated the world and laid the foundation for what many have now come to see as the genesis of a future egalitarian global financial system.

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The film features legendary anecdotes of the fortunes lost and gained, the world-changing innovation that has materialized, and the ensuing impact on civilization as new blocks get added to the societal chain.

Bitcoin, the duodecennial digital currency, has become a bi-directional seductress like few before, capturing hearts, minds, and wallets, with some proffering a second economic coming, while others experiencing a déjà vu of tulip crazes. Regardless, bitcoin has become an ever-present figment within popular and financial vernacular.

Bitcoin remains a major part of the digital currency space, regarded by many as the mother of all cryptocurrencies. Despite the increasing popularity and acceptance of BTC, its origins and how it works remains a mystery to millions of people worldwide.
As with other tales of seduction, like Adam, Eve, and the serpent, or the Sirens of Greek mythology, there is a story to be told. Cryptic inventor producing a cryptocurrency, cogitating on hopes of an egalitarian economic order. White papers turning faces blue with intrigue and green with envy. Anecdotes of million-dollar pizzas. Roller coaster fortunes rising into the billions and back to nil. Even investors technologically foreclosed from reaping generational gains due to lost passwords. Quite the story.

The planned contents cover some of the more sensational and controversial events already littering Bitcoin’s history. Bitcoin Seduction seeks to reveal information that has remained unknown to the world since Bitcoin emerged in 2008, especially regarding its creation, a subject that has remained a topic of discourse for over a decade.

It features legendary anecdotes of the fortunes lost and gained, the world-changing innovation that has materialized, and the ensuing impact on civilization as new blocks get added to the societal chain. The project also takes a broader and more comprehensive look at the world of digital currency and blockchain technology, with experts weighing in on topics adjunct cryptocurrency.

To the BTC salivating public, Bitcoin Seduction is a docudrama that traverses the history and histrionics of a computer-generated intangible coin. Blending investigative journalism, provocative interviews, anecdotes, and at times antidotes, it delivers a tale of seduction to apostles and naysayers, and of course the FOMO contingent. The film intends to inform, engage and entertain audiences, with facts and figures weaved within a popcorn prancing phantasy.

About Crypto Film Fund: A blockchain entertainment investment platform (BEIP) enabling both institutional and public investors to participate in the funding of cutting-edge projects in the entertainment industry – targeting independent filmmakers, video game creators, musical artists, and concert producers. Investments are represented by a security token, and profit distribution is conducted automatically via smart contracts based on a token stake. Every investment and transaction made is tracked via a distributed ledger giving investors the ability to follow their investment at all times affording access, transparency, and liquidity.
BS Production Studio is currently in production mode and welcomes members of the cryptocurrency community to participate as co-producers. And yes, we accept BTC.

Please visit for more information about “Bitcoin Seduction” and the latest updates on the documentary film. The movement also continues across social media, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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