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BrainBerry Launches the COSMA App for People with Dementia

COSMA establishes emotional well-being for people living with dementia

BrainBerry is dedicated to the research and development of effective digital therapies which developed the COSMA Application. The gamification app for dementia is built based on scientific base evidence and aims at promoting emotional well-being for those who suffer from the same. Their first scientific paper on the same has also been published to prove its efficiency on emotional well-being for people living with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and early dementia.

Dementia is a broad category of neurodegenerative brain diseases that includes Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia, and Lewy Body Dementia, etc. Whilst the use of medication is undoubtedly vital in helping both severe and light sufferers of Dementia, BrainBerry believes that Dementia prevention is still an underdeveloped form of treatment and COSM could potentially change the way the earlier stages of Dementia are treated.

Brainberry is a digital healthcare company that came into existence in 2016. They aim at implementing the idea of a therapy software that focuses on the well-being of people suffering from mild to medium dementia. They also aim at empowering patients with mental health conditions such as sleep disorder and depression through various technological and counseling innovations. For further information, visit their official website at

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