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Bye-Bye Wine Headaches: Black Friday Sale for PureWine Enthusiasts!

Now is the perfect time to check out PureWine’s new The Phoenix® Reusable Wine Purifier with this fantastic Black Friday sale.

The Phoenix® Starter Kit

  • Includes a reusable pouring device and air tube, and (3) Bio-Pod™ cartridges ($44.99)
  • After purifying and aerating one bottle of wine, remove and dispose of the bio-renewable cartridge.
  • Each new bottle requires a new Bio-Pod™ to purify the wine ($44.99/8-pack).
  • Subscribe and save even more.
  • Aside from the resin within the filter, all other components of the Bio-Pods are bio-renewable.

The brilliance of The Phoenix® is that it can be used repeatedly to let wine lovers enjoy their glass without any headaches. Place it in a bottle of wine on your holiday table as a kind gesture for guests. You’ll want everyone to have a good time and not experience wine-related side effects as they pour purified wine from a bottle. An elegant wine accessory, The Phoenix® looks great on a bar cart for an upscale touch as well.

The Phoenix® is a must-have gift for any wine lover, with a beautiful rose gold or white top that is removable, allowing a one-time use Bio-Pod™ cartridge to fit inside easily. It makes a good bottle of wine great.

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