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Chalkola Makes Watercolor Painting More Practical with 28 Watercolor Brush Pens

Chalkola’s 28 Watercolor Brush Pens, which include two blending brushes and a painting pad, have been getting more and more people into watercolor painting with their convenience and versatility.

Watercolor painting has long been a fundamental painting style. Notably, it has set the stage for household names in art history such as Romantic painter J.M.W. Turner and Modernist Edward Hopper to be made.

The medium normally calls for a set of paintbrushes, water, a container for the water, and an array of watercolor paint tubes.

However, users of Chalkola’s 28 Watercolor Brush Pens won’t have to be encumbered by all the supplies a watercolor painter would need to set out in creating their next watercolor masterpiece.

Mavens of the medium can therefore capture with ease and without mess any landscape or object that they wish to limn at a moment of fiery creativity — wherever and whenever.

Given how easy they are to use, the watercolor brush pens are also perfect for fledgling craftsmen who intend to get their teeth into learning the rudiments of watercolor painting. Their paint also dries fast and is easy to blend.

Every pack of Chalkola’s 28 Watercolor Brush Pens comes with a wide selection of vivid colors and includes two blending brushes, which users can fill with copious amounts of water for uninterrupted use, and a premium painting pad with sheets that don’t wrinkle or warp under the weight of paint and water.

Chalkola features the watercolor brush pens on their website, There, customers can also purchase Chakola’s other products, not least their signature chalk markers, and acrylic paint pens, and read about how Chalkola is laboring to make art activity for all to delight in.

Chalkola is a family-run online art retailer that has been on a mission to make life more vibrant for art creators of all ages. For seven years now, they have launched and sold a variety of art tools designed to make creativity an intrinsic part of everyday life. Among which are their flagship product, Chalkola’s Chalk Markers, Acrylic Paint and Paint Pens, and Watercolor Brush Pens. Browse through their website,, for more information.

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