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Columbia, SC Author Getting 5-star Reviews for New Crime Thriller; Written Entirely on his iPhone During Quarantine

While maybe not as prolific as Taylor Swift, Columbia, South Carolina-based writer Rush Leaming took advantage of all his downtime during the 2020 quarantine and set to work on his latest novel “Dead Tree Tales”, a crime thriller set in Charleston, SC.

And he wrote the entire 95,000-word book on his iPhone!

“Sounds crazy, but I’m the worst typist in the world,” Leaming explained. “So, instead I use the Google Docs app and basically text my novels out. It’s faster for me and the small phone screen actually helps to intensify my focus. Also, any ideas that strike me throughout the day or night, I’ve always got my manuscript with me.”

The novel comes out officially June 8th on Ingram, Amazon, and other outlets, but it is already getting 5-star advance reviews, such as this excerpt from Reader’s Favorite:

“Dead Tree Tales by Rush Leaming is about a lot more than a dead tree. It’s a mystery. It’s a crime story. It’s a thriller. It’s a powerful comment on today’s society and politics… a novel that is fast-paced, full of action and intrigue.”

“I had fun writing it and I’m excited it’s soon coming out so people can read it,” Leaming adds. “Covid has been such a tragic time for so many, but some have been able to find silver linings in all the storms. This book was one of mine.”


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