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Combining digital and human intelligence to deliver brilliant service and increase profits

The next step in the evolution of mobile ordering solutions for hospitality – a new concept to enhance service, customer experience and profitability.

Intelligent Mobile Service by Crave Interactive
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March 2021, Crave Interactive, a leading global hospitality technology company, release their latest whitepaper titled “How to profit from Intelligent Mobile Service.”

Based on expertise developed through 12 years of experience, this whitepaper outlines the opportunities opening up for hospitality businesses and how a new concept of Intelligent Mobile Service is the next step in the evolution of mobile ordering that will enhance person-to-person service, customer experience and profitability.

From proven methods of digital menu optimization and up-selling to personalization, customer engagement and price optimization, operators will find actionable insights to thrive in an industry where mobile service is now not only preferred but expected.

“At Crave, we believe the coming years will see the advent of intelligent mobile service, using data and human intelligence to provide an even better, more personalised service, seamlessly blending digital with human service, while providing hospitality businesses with the tools to significantly increase sales and profits.”
Crave CEO, Gareth Hughes

Crave is on a mission to deliver this vision and can help hospitality businesses embark on the journey towards realising the full potential of the rapid adoption of mobile order and pay solutions across the sector.

The whitepaper includes illuminating results from Crave’s 2021 mobile service opinion survey which attracted over 4,400 respondents. Significantly, 81% said they would like to continue to use these systems post-pandemic. Respondents expressed similarly strong views on how they’d like to see mobile ordering services develop in the future.

Every hospitality business strives to attract new customers, increase visit frequency and spend per head, as well as control costs whilst also delivering a great service that drives customer experience, engagement and loyalty. Crave believes the next step in the evolution of mobile ordering solutions will help deliver these often elusive objectives for operators.

To get your copy of the Intelligent Mobile Service whitepaper and mobile service opinion survey please click here.

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