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Cybersecurity, ransomware attacks can be stopped, we need to change the way we tackle it.

Re-thinking the approach to securing systems and data is required since traditional methods have not worked.

Excelitte protects your data from ransomware

The United States, Europe, Australia, and many other countries are focusing their attention on Cybersecurity dedicating billions & trillions of dollars which if spent accurately in the relevant areas is money well spent. If it is spent on previous methods, approaches and not on new/innovative ones, then it is frankly wasted.

Re-thinking the approach to securing systems with particular emphasis on addressing each layer that can be breached; network, server, middleware, transport, communication, data, hardware, etc. Provide first a logical, then a physical implementation to pre-empt & prevent the breach from occurring is required.

The existing methods have not worked, we need to completely rethink how we move forward to secure data, networks, and the several layers of a computer system. We need to use modern IT precepts, such as AI/Deep ML, Automation, Intelligent Analytics, Software Robotics, etc to pre-empt and impede such attacks.

Cyberwarfare is frankly a war of a different kind declared on the free world supported by hostile government institutions, as we are all aware. To win this war, a combination of both an offensive and defensive approach needs to be employed.

So far, we seem to be deploying defensive methods that are now obsolete.

The need to innovate, think up new approaches, change the way we capture, store, and use data for starters cannot be overemphasised.

Companies need to stop holding or storing data in Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents if they don’t really need to because ransomware attacks on these file types are very easily carried out just like taking candy from a baby.

Data needs to be stored in database software applications which can be custom developed or off the shelf ready-to-use software packages like Excelitte (

At TEMSCONSU we guarantee that your data stored in Excelitte can never be lost or stolen or held to ransom because the data can be recovered very easily without paying out millions.

We also have and are working on other innovative solutions that will reverse engineer current methods of carrying out these attacks, pre-empt and then offensively work very effectively to impede them.

Organisations need to employ/develop like for like skillset or even better or potential to be better to stand any chance at all, of repelling these attacks.

To win the Cyberwarfare or successfully repeal any such attacks will come down to innovation, a different way of thinking, and superior skillsets or at least similar.

There is obviously a pressing need to out-think and outsmart these cybercriminals.


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