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Debut Book in Thrilling New Murder Mystery Series is Released

Author H.F. Beaumont presents “Descending the Spiral Staircase” a suspenseful and engaging new novel that will leave readers in eager anticipation of book two of the series

Inspired by his over 45-year career in the landscape industry and a vision he encountered during a dream, author H.F. Beaumont combined his passion for landscaping design and writing to create a thrilling new murder mystery series revolving around a horrifying discovery made during a home renovation. In “Descending the Spiral Staircase,” the first book in the series, Beaumont introduces readers to the homeowners, John and Marie Albright, as they set out to have their home remodeled with the progress being captured on film by a remodeling magazine. However, things quickly spiral out of control as a simple construction task ends up turning into a murder investigation.

Featuring a hand-drawn map and construction legend designed by Beaumont detailing the layout of the remodel, the book begins with the visual key to help readers better understand where certain events take place throughout the story. What was supposed to be a typical construction task ends up uncovering a buried secret that turns the neighborhood upside down and starts an FBI murder investigation involving stolen bank money, a buried storage shed, a hidden tunnel, and the reconstruction of an unused area to make it a usable space. During an open-house event, the safety of John and Marie becomes at risk when a nosy neighbor leaks news to the press about a bank reward.

“The author does a great job of utilizing both narrative and character growth to really make the story shine brightly throughout the book. The detailed way the author incorporated the landscaping aspect of the character’s arcs really helped elevate the narrative to new heights, utilizing the author’s personal experiences to give the story some authenticity and weight.” – Reviewed by Tony Espinoza for the Pacific Book Review

With many twists and turns, readers will be kept on the edge of their seats as more details are revealed eventually leading them to book number two in the series, “The Wiloby Estates.”

“Descending the Spiral Staircase”
By H.F. Beaumont
ISBN: 978-1-7960-4772-1 (HC); 978-1-7960-4771-4 (SC); 978-1-7960-4770-7 (e)
Available through AmazonBarnes & Noble and Xlibris

About the Author
H.F. Beaumont has over 45-years of experience in the landscape industry and is a business owner and designer. He majored in Ornamental Horticulture while in college and his prior experiences also include selling insurance, pumping gas, working as a grocery clerk and being drafted into the USMC during the Vietnam War as an office clerk. Beaumont wrote numerous correspondences to governmental agencies, landscape architects, and building architects for managing multimillion-dollar projects like convention centers, shopping malls, housing tracts, and industrial complexes throughout his career. He even estimated and project managed, the landscape for three projects at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. “Descending the Spiral Staircase” mingles Beaumont’s experiences with other facets of the book, with book two of the series, “The Wiloby Estates,” also now available. He currently resides in Windsor, Colorado. To learn more, please visit

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