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Despite Past Challenges and Current Ones, University Presses Onward with Growth in Mind

Morrison University rises to succeed

Morrison University, a university in Reno, Nevada; with a history dating back 119 years, proves that despite past financial challenges and current ones due to COVID-19, that success is still possible for visionaries and leaders.

In 2014, Morrison was slated to be closed due to financial challenges created when federal government officials passed legislative reforms on education. However, when investors saw that Morrison was on the brink of closing down permanently, Robert Hinkley and his group looked to not only save a university but adapt and grow it in an ever-changing job market. That deal was made official in January 2015, giving then-current students a chance to complete their studies and reach their professional goals, while giving prospective students a unique choice than the traditional state-run fare.

As time went on, Morrison’s direction changed towards more business-oriented programs while teaching out less-profitable programs such as Liberal Studies and Performing Arts. New leaders were brought on to bring a fresh perspective that believed in the new vision and direction of the university. Six years later, the school celebrates overcoming obstacles of 2015 while embracing the challenges created in the past year.

“When I came on board in late 2015, the school was fighting to survive even though there was a fresh cash infusion,” said Dean of Students, Allan Smith. “It was leadership’s openness to new ideas that helped us get through the situation and thrive. Today we are dealing with a pandemic that has caused havoc to the everyday lives of everyone in the world, but we always find ways to adapt and find opportunities. We had already integrated the use of technology into our curriculum, so our students didn’t have to adapt to using it; they only had to adapt to not seeing their classmates and teachers in person. What has helped them has been our caring faculty and staff; they always let our students know we are there for them, even if we don’t get to see them in person daily.”
Allan Smith also reflected on the plans for Morrison University’s expansion. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the school’s enrollment is up a modest 6% over the 2019-2020 school year. Smith further elaborated that they would make a larger push for overseas partners in Southeast Asia and Latin America to help bring an American-styled education to markets of students looking for a competitive edge in local job markets. Smith mentioned he is scheduled to travel to Costa Rica, Peru, and Asia in 2021/22 and meet with prospective partnering universities.

About Morrison University – Morrison University is a private university located in the State of Nevada founded in 1902. Their programs feature degrees in business subjects from Associate-level all the way to Doctoral.

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