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Echelon Solar Power Rises from $0 to $15M in Under Six Months

50% to 100% consistent monthly growth is not very common for a business in its first year of operations, but Echelon Solar Power has defined many unwritten rules and is set to take the solar energy industry by storm. Launched in 2020, Echelon Solar Power was established to solve the problem of homeowners paying ridiculously high electricity bills. Gandhi wanted to ease this problem for homeowners by implementing a zero down solar program with no cost for design, permits, construction, and installation.

Since the company started operations, it has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to the best in class Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of solar systems in homes within and beyond California. Echelon Solar Power has focused on customer experience and transparency, which has set it apart from many companies offering similar services. The company uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment; a testament to that is their industry-unique production guarantee.

Through a series of simplified steps, customers can be a part of the process and have their homes equipped with high-quality solar systems. The company schedules a consultation where the customer discusses with a certified Solar Advisor, who is rigorously trained to focus on education and transparency to walk the customer through their custom design, engineering, and savings report.

Echelon makes owning a solar-powered system attractive by providing its customers an avenue to sell the excess power that their solar system produces back to the utility at retail rates. Gandhi’s goal is to give homeowners savings and long-term price protection while also reducing the environment’s carbon footprint. At a time that the world is focused on keeping the environment cleaner and safer, a company like Echelon Solar Power is undoubtedly contributing to the bigger picture. Also, the exponential growth that the company has enjoyed in the past one year is all the encouragement it needs to keep doing more and helping the world better. Bhrigu Gandhi has seen the possibilities, and has his eyes set on doing more in the coming year as the company keeps growing. A look at Echelon Solar Power is a look at convenience, cost-saving and clean energy that the world needs.

2020 has seen Echelon Solar Power grow from $0 to $15 million. The company has also achieved a record number of transactions for a solar energy company in its first year of operation. Gandhi built Echelon Solar Power because of his innate entrepreneurial drive. “I have always been entrepreneurial and excellent at capitalizing on opportunities, just met the right people and went from there,” he says. At the time the company was launched, he only wanted to create a solution for homeowners paying a lot of money for electricity, but within six months, the company surpassed his expectations and has blown up to become the next best thing in the energy industry. To be honest, he says, it would not be possible without our team and their commitment to our vision. With Echelon Solar Power’s current growth trajectory, they are set to accomplish $50 million in revenue for 2021.

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