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Ecommerce start-up launches Innovation Hub

Delloop launches Innovation Hub for industries wanting to add multiple customer touchpoints throughout the sales cycle and beyond.

Pioneering eCommerce start-up, Delloop announces the launch of its Innovation Hub, appointing Sreyams Jain as Director of Technical Innovation, to oversee its development.

Originally designed to facilitate an end-to-end retail experience, Delloop’s versatile data-centric technology is fast becoming sought after across multiple industries for both social and commercial solutions. The Delloop Innovation Hub provides technology, a marketplace and a test lab environment for those wanting to utilise and contribute to this emerging platform.

As Director of Technical Innovation for Delloop, Sreyams Jain brings his 25 years of experience in IT Application Development, software integration and data science to a role that will see him instrumental in pioneering solutions, primarily for Delloop’s retail clients, but also those that the Delloop Innovation Hub supports, such as Logistics, Manufacturing, Media, Advertising, Commercial Contracting, Automotive, Real Estate, Banking and Insurance.

“Sreyams is a fantastic addition to our rapidly expanding team,” stated Delloop Co-Founder and CEO, Lou Schillaci. “His expertise in both IT and sales solutions will assist us fast-track our development in mainstream eCommerce shopping platforms and the larger enterprise market.”

VP of Worldwide Sales, Sam Selim, commented: “Delloop is all about marrying technology and innovation with real-world, human-centric needs. Sreyams will be instrumental in satisfying retailers’ needs for a visible, measurable service that results in re-ordering and influential affiliates.”

Sreyams Jain’s proven technical talent in IT sales and solution technologies, such as IoT, Industry 4.0, AI, ML, Predictive Analytics, ComputerVision, and his significant experience in IT Application Development has seen him successfully roll-out of solutions for industry verticals such as Retail, Healthcare & Pharma, as well as Manufacturing.

”At Delloop we are always looking to the future to inform our current development,” commented Co-Founder and CCO, Claire Linley. “The Delloop Innovation Hub is where technology and innovation meet the real-world need for functionality. It combines creative thinking and entrepreneurial endeavour but always from a social, and very human perspective.”

CEO, Lou Schillaci concluded: “Sreyams Jain recognises the importance of customer-centricity in all industries and has the technical experience to assist Delloop in its mission to enhance the customer experience and make it meaningful and measurable for all.”

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Delloop Inc.
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