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Established Titles Announces Charitable Donations to Children in Scotland

Established Titles are happy to announce that they have made a donation to a local charity, Children in Scotland.

Children in Scotland is an organization that Established Titles has supported for quite some time. As the company is based in Scotland, providing their clients with the ability to purchase a personal Ladyship or Lordship Title packs with dedicated land in Scotland. It was natural for them to give back to the local community and Children in Scotland is one of the obvious choices.

Children in Scotland is dedicated to ensuring that all children in Scotland have an “equal chance to flourish.” For them, this mission translates to championing the participation and inclusion of children, challenging inequalities, expanding, and developing the children’s sector workforce, working to make sure that support for children and families in need is always available, and lastly, functioning as a sustainable organization.

Services provided by the organization include an advice service for learning challenges, an independent mediation provider, and a website where children can learn about their rights. Children in Scotland has also set up an early learning and childcare inclusion fund that provides funding to settings that support children with special needs.

The generous donation that Established Titles gave to Children in Scotland will help the organization continue to support children in need across Scotland.

Established Titles has made social responsibility a key tenet of the way they operate since the beginning. In fact, their commitment to the preservation and protection of the natural woodland areas of Scotland is what led the company to be established. Since its inception, they have pledged to keep their entire Scottish woodlands free from any sort of destruction, whether it be construction, driving, sporting, or other activities.

For Established Titles, peaceful enjoyment of the land and protecting the diverse flora and fauna of Scotland is the top priority. As a result, this mission-led company often donates to other organizations both in Scotland and around the world, who are doing work in line with theirs. These organizations are largely environmental in focus and include The UK Woodland Trust, Trees for the Future, and One Tree Planted.

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About Established Titles

With the goal of preserving the woodlands in Scotland, their business activities center on enabling clients to purchase a personal Ladyship or Lordship Title with dedicated land in Scotland. Established Titles’ Title Packs are rooted in a historic Scottish land ownership custom, whereby landowners have traditionally been referred to as “Lairds” (the Scottish term for “Lord”) and “Ladies.” Each and every Title Pack that Established Titles sells contributes to the conservation and protection of woodland areas in Scotland and all land bought must be undisturbed and kept in its natural state. For every order placed, the company plants one tree. The company’s dedication to the preservation of Scottish land is made clear through their philanthropic endeavors, which include regular donations to environmental organizations, such as The UK Woodland Trust, One Tree Planted and Trees for the Future.


Katerina Yip

SOURCE: Established Titles

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