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Evolution International Group Limited Reveals Payment App Release Scheduled for 2022

Evolution International Group Limited

Evolution International Group Limited, the recognised peer-to-peer payment technology start-up, has today revealed it would be releasing its eagerly awaited iPro, peer-to-peer payments app in the first quarter of 2022.

The latest announcement arrives after several years of discovery, research, planning and initial development of Evolutions peer-to-peer payment software built on blockchain technology which guarantees faster payment transactions with added security.

Through a study of integrating high-data attachments to strengthen the security of each payment, Evolution International Group Limited plans to offer a seamless, highly secure user experience and fast transfer rate for both local and international payments.

“We have been planning to launch a peer-to-peer payment app for several years but needed to develop, test and release our blockchain software beforehand. We have now released the needed software and are currently working through the initial development phase of our app. It is an exciting time for my team, and we are looking forward to our app launch which is scheduled for early next year,” said Chen Jianhong, Chief Executive Officer at Evolution International Group Limited in a recent press conference.

Insiders at the growing tech startup have confirmed that their payments app will offer multi-language support, thereby providing access to users worldwide, however the application will only be available in Asia for its initial release.

“We plan to release a smartphone app that is quicker and a lot more secure than any other app on the market. We will then release this in Asia, and hopefully, if it is successful, we will offer it to the global market.” added Francis Lei, Investor Relations at Evolution International Group Limited.

With financial transactions at the core of our everyday society, individuals will use iPro Payments for various purposes such as remaining card-free, supporting a cashless economy and embracing one-click-order technology.

About Evolution International Group Limited

Established in 2013, Evolution International Group Limited is a fintech start-up company developing a blockchain-powered peer-to-peer payments solution ready to corner the market in the financial payments world.

Media Contact

Company: Evolution International Group Limited
Contact: Mr. Francis Lei, Investor Relations
Telephone: +852 2319 4147
Address: 1 Austin Road West, International Commerce Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong

SOURCE: Evolution International Group Limited

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