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Excited To Launch A New Kind of Home Care

Home Care For All Ages: Enlightenment Home Care LLC is excited to announce No Age Limit Home Care

Enlightenment Home Care LLC is excited to announce No Age Limit Home Care: the benefits of home Care for all ages. There is no age limit or situation where home care would not be a benefit.

Enlightenment home care understands that whether you are young, or old, sick, disabled, or injured home care is welcome to support. Now the support is available to everyone who would like to have non-medical personalized home care in the comfort of their own home through, ENLIGHTENMENT HOME CARE.

No more is the stigma that you have to be elderly or disabled to receive affordable personalized home care. Now, these services are available to:

• the person who breaks their leg or their arm and needs help at home until they are healed.

• the mother on bedrest or the new mother who needs the support of home care.

• The man with the flu who can’t get out of bed and needs some assistance while he recuperates.

• The single elderly man/woman who wants a companion to go to the movies every week.

These situations are all times when home care would be a welcome service to have at your fingertips. The Homecare services available are tailored to meet the needs of every client. Which may include anything from:

• Personal Care

• Household Care

• Respite Care

• Companion Care

• Many more

“I needed a way that I could care for people not only the way I wanted to care for them, but the way people appreciated and wanted my kind of care.” (Songaya Gay, CEO/Owner)

Enlightenment Home Care was founded by a nurse of over 13 years’ experience caring for the loved ones of others, as well as her own. Wanting to focus on the specific needs of individuals. Enabling the opportunity to give, time and specialized care, that cannot be streamlined into a, “one size fits all”, model. The specialized care provided would offer people care where they feel the comfort of being in their own home, in their own bed, eating their own food.

Caregivers providing the same care that they would give their mother, grandmother, or any member of their family. The same care a person should expect for their loved one to receive from a caregiver.

Coupled with the understanding and appreciation of the type of care that people want, expect & deserve. There was a clarity of direction an, “Enlightenment”, to be a cultural rejuvenation in the quality of care that is being delivered. This revision is a desperately increasing need, especially in our senior population, though everyone is worthy of this level of care.

Songaya Gay
Enlightenment Home Care LLC
+1 360-339-5403
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