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Fine Art Shippers Specializes in Shipping Marble Worldwide

The NYC-based art logistics company Fine Art Shippers has extensive experience in national and international transportation of marble items of any kind.

The NYC-based art logistics company Fine Art Shippers specializes in shipping marble worldwide. The company has extensive experience in national and international transportation of marble items of any kind, from decorative marble panels to oversized sculptures and antique statues. Fine Art Shippers offers a complete range of services that include everything from pick-up and custom packing to white glove delivery worldwide and installation on-site. The company also operates a network of art shuttles that allow it to deliver various artworks across the United States quickly and cost-effectively.

Fine Art Shippers has been providing professional shipping services with a focus on art and antiques for over 25 years. The company’s sphere of expertise includes fine paintings, art prints, photography, sculptures and statues, antique and designer furniture, chandeliers, glass artwork, porcelain and ceramics, high fashion, decorative art, luxury items, and other delicate and valuable pieces that need extra care and protection during transit. Fine Art Shippers also specializes in shipping marble that is often used for sculpture and furniture.

When shipping marble items, Fine Art Shippers pays particular attention to the process of packing and crating, as such pieces are usually heavy and highly fragile at the same time. Anything made from marble must be properly packaged to avoid damage during transportation, no matter whether you are shipping it nationally or internationally. The best way to transport such pieces is to crate them.

Fine Art Shippers has one of the best art crating teams in New York, which allows the company to offer a vast selection of art packaging services to meet any need. Most of the art crates are built in a special warehouse in Brooklyn, but Fine Art Shippers also provides art crating services on-site, which is sometimes the only option to transport highly delicate items, including marble ones. The company’s team of art crating specialists has all the necessary experience, technology, and equipment to travel to the client’s location and produce a custom wooden shipping crate for artwork that is too fragile, oversized, or heavy to relocate without proper protection.

Fine Art Shippers can ship marble items worldwide, as well as deliver them to any destination in the United States. The company’s consolidated art shuttles cover almost all states and serve as a good alternative option for those who want to save some money on art transportation without sacrificing the safety and protection of their belongings. However, super large and heavy marble items may still require individual shipping solutions.

For more information about marble shipping options in the United States and worldwide, please contact Fine Art Shippers directly.

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