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FlipServe Announces the Launch of its Multi-Cloud Platform to Provide Businesses and Developers With AWS, Azure, and GCP Servers at More Affordable Prices

FlipServe announces the launch of its multi-cloud platform. With FlipServe, users can access cloud servers from Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform at a substantially lower price than buying directly or through system integrators.

FlipServe today announces the launch of its multi-cloud platform to provide developers, small and medium-sized businesses access to premium cloud servers at competitive prices. FileServe offers users access to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) servers for 30% less than users would pay directly to AWS, Azure, or GCP. FileServe also provides users free standard service (monitoring, VM back up, network security, etc.) for each server.

Thanks to FlipServe’s competitive server pricing and complimentary service, companies and developers can do more for less. The platform offers solutions for cloud migration, Kubernetes, ransomware protection backup, identity management, high availability and disaster recovery along with multiple versions of Operating System images (OS collections), pre-configured application images (Developer collections), and SAP systems (SAP collections). Developers and businesses can choose from FlipServe’s library of pre-configured apps and services, select configuration options, and simply click buy. After purchasing a server each user has access to a dashboard breaking down usage and costs. Users of FlipServe, will appreciate the cost-effectiveness, simplicity, transparency of the platform.

“Our mission is to give developers and businesses access to premium cloud servers, apps and services at the most competitive prices”, said Ganesh Radhakrishnan, Founder of FlipServe. “With our competitive pricing, multi-cloud offerings, and user interface, we have built flexibility, simplicity, and transparency into the FlipServe platform.”

The global pandemic that started almost a year and a half ago disrupted every facet of life from the workplace to day-to-day activities many previously took for granted. In the business world, the pandemic and the resulting global recession cut IT budgets. With diminished IT budgets, the demand for IT “to do more with less” has only increased. FlipServe aims to meet this demand with its multi-cloud platform.

“We have all been challenged by the global pandemic and it has pushed many of us –businesses and individuals alike—to adapt and innovate. Cloud solutions and services enable businesses and developers to accelerate innovation. And this is the reason why we saw an acceleration of cloud adoption amid the pandemic. Here at FlipServe, we want to help more developers and organizations increase their capacity to innovate while keeping their costs as low as possible,” said Ganesh.

About FlipServe

FlipServe is a multi-cloud platform that provides infrastructure and managed offerings. With FlipServe, users can access cloud servers from Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform at a substantially lower price than buying directly or through system integrators, thanks FlipServe’s unique pricing algorithm and partnership with Azure, AWS & GCP.

FlipServe vision is to create a world in which everyone has access to cloud servers at affordable prices. With its intuitive system interface, multi-cloud offerings, FlipServe helps developers, startups and small and medium-sized businesses build, deploy and scale applications to accelerate innovation while increasing productivity and agility.

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