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‘For the Love of Catch’ First Official Trailer Drops to Fireworks

FOR THE LOVE OF CATCH is a documentary film on the ‘almost’ forgotten grappling art now being resurrected by a handful of martial art greats. Director Curran Jacobs, a two-time world champion in the Catch-Can style, manages to capture the collective passion for Catch in an arena often riddled with competitiveness and division.

The Red, White and Blue Project Inc. non-profit in association with Collective Development Inc. is bringing the first in a series of documentary films. Executive Produced by UAS, Greg Mason and Rick Jacobs/Absolute Waterproofing Solutions. Produced by DJ Perry, Anthony Hornus, Mike Chapman and Curran Jacobs with Perry supervising and Chapman serving as the documentary historian. The interviews were shot by Daniel Chipman and Adam Towner with Mr. Towner also serving as editor for the documentary.

The documentary features the ‘elite of the elite’ in the grappling world generously opening up and sharing their passion and love of the Catch-Can art. It’s our pleasure to invite you to watch the first official teaser and stay tuned for the full feature looking to premiere later in the year.


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