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Former Public Adjuster Turned Consultant, Robert Taylor, is the Featured Subject of a New Interview

The former public adjuster turned risk advisory consultant sat down with an online journalist to discuss his unique business model and the affection he feels for his clients.

It is with great enthusiasm that risk advisory consultant Robert Taylor announces that he is the subject of a new in-depth interview. The interview, which incorporates elements of both the personal and professional side of Robert Taylor, touches on a variety of topics ranging from his sources of inspiration to his company’s development over the years.

Early on in the interview, Robert reflects on the many ways his consulting business has evolved over time, saying, “In many ways, my company has grown immensely. I’ve expanded my client base to many times what it was in the beginning-I’m always getting referrals from happy customers. Also, the amount of revenue I generate annually is off the charts compared with the early days.” After a moment’s pause, he expands on that thought, explaining, “In other ways, though, such as in the number of employees I have, my company hasn’t grown at all. I am and always have been a one-man operation.”

Later, Robert Taylor talks about the special relationships he cultivates with his clients. “I get my inspiration from my clients; from seeing them succeed. Every time I check in on one of them and they tell me about how my advice has helped them get a leg up in life-for their business, their family, or themselves-I get a feeling that’s better than winning the lottery,” he confides, adding, “pursuit of that feeling keeps me scrounging for new information and new ways to help them.”

In response to a question about a piece of advice he has never forgotten, Robert Taylor extols the virtues of self-sufficiency and seizing the moment, “Don’t wait around for others to show you how to do something. Learn to do it yourself,” he asserts with self-assurance.

Anyone curious to read the interview in its entirety can do so here, while anyone who wishes to learn more about Robert Taylor can visit his professional website.

About Robert Taylor:

Robert Taylor is a former public adjuster turned consultant who specializes in risk management. From an early age, his father and other family members instilled within him a voracious work ethic. That work ethic, when combined with the listening skills he deliberately cultivated later in life, is what he credits for his professional success.

In his spare time, Robert Taylor enjoys spending time on his hobbies, most especially golf. Hailing from Sanger, California, he is naturally a San Francisco 49ers and a San Francisco Giants fan. He is also a connoisseur of fine cigars and an avid world traveler.

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Robert Taylor

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