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FutureSolve combines innovation & advisory services shaping the future of work

Announcing FutureSolve, a single place of trust for solutions and advisory services for SMBs and Private Equity companies.

FutureSolve CHRO Founders

FutureSolve supports businesses in addressing the Future of Work by offering services designed to help businesses craft people strategy, optimize organizational performance, and create productivity and revenue gains.

Our goal is to help business and human resource leaders to exceed their results through technology and future practices

FutureSolve was designed to have a positive impact on SMBs and Private Equity companies. Founders Ken Carrig, Dave Loeser, and Mark Hamdan know that the future of work is dependent on both people and technology, and solutions that are designed for both are what will drive companies forward. The SMB market is underserved, and FutureSolve is there to provide them with the same resources and support that are available to larger companies.

Carrig explains; “We started FutureSolve because we know it is an amazing way to serve and have a positive impact on mid-market companies and private equity firms. FutureSolve’s purpose is to provide solutions that exceed business results and innovates the employee experience. In launching our company our focus is to move from the old ways of managing people to the new and from current results to better results.”

Loeser elaborates on HR’s role and function in the workplace of the future; “The HR function has and continues to be an under-developed organization not driving the required business results and proper development of people. It’s easy to understand, but research supports that it is hard to get the right people in the right place, while at the same time ensuring they are growing and developing, appreciated, and well led. Our goal is to help business and human resource leaders to exceed their results through technology and future practices.”

According to Hamdan, “It is clear that the future of work will depend on technology, innovation, and people and organizations capable of making the required change.” FutureSolve is there to help companies facilitate those changes. FutureSolve understands the business of organizations and people. FutureSolve supports SMBS via five main branches of service:

HR Marketplace – Helping clients find HR technologies via the HR Marketplace, a one-stop shop of vetted software and tech solutions. Offering free, personalized guidance across all marketplace vendors.

Advisory Services – Access to professional and executive Advisors to help Midcap and Private Equity companies with the hard calls. Optimizing organizational performance, productivity and revenue gains.

Performance Index using A.I– Utilizing AI to assess 12 unique business areas related to productivity and talent. Upon completion of the assessment, results are benchmarked against industry data to determine the health of each area. Most notable feature is the A.I-powered Analytics Dashboard, with actions that directly improve revenue impact.

Leadership Agility – Providing advisory services designed to support future workforce strategies, including C-Suite Leadership Support, Executive Team Alignment & Accountability, Organizational Design Effectiveness, and Succession Planning and Talent Management.

Digital Associate Experience – Deliver consumer-grade experiences in the office and at home for associates. Provides a simplified and integrated digital portal for associates as well as a manager toolkit, with real-time information on the company. A full suite of software created by best-of-breed vendors, vetted by our team and unified through our integrated digital portal.

About FutureSolve

FutureSolve is a merger of three businesses: Interim -was a company that provided Executive HR operational and strategic services, mainly helping with the selection process and making recommendations on the makeup and strategy of the HR function. It substantially improved the function’s capability, while working closely with the senior team. HRTech Solutions – is a strategic HR Technology reseller offering HCM and Talent Management technology focused on medium-sized businesses. HRTech solutions bring deep expertise in technology integrations, sourcing and evaluation. KJC Advisory Services – was a firm that provided advice on issues related to strategy execution, acquisition integration, and executive succession planning. The firm’s most recent client activities included working with the mid-cap company and Fortune 200 CEO’s and their Executives on Building Alignment and Accountability for their new business direction



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